Waiting until after holiday time to adopt a pet is best

15 years ago
By Christine Cowett Robinson
Special to The Star-Herald

    Christmas is a busy time of year, full of excitement and family time, but it isn’t always the best time to get a pet. If you are considering a pet for Christmas, do so as a family before or after the holiday. Doing this allows the pet to settle in before the excitement starts.

    All too often, pets adopted during Christmas or given as surprise pets are returned shortly after the holidays. We don’t want that so are encouraging you to make adoption a family affair and be sure to properly plan for a pet. It isn’t a good idea to give a pet as a gift to someone unexpectedly as they may not appreciate the gesture. Our goal at the Central Aroostook Humane Society is to find forever homes for the pets we have. Be sure you have the time and the dedication before you bring home a pet.
    At the Central Aroostook Humane Society, we are counting our blessings. We have been so humbled by all of the thoughtful donations this Christmas season. It warms our hearts to know how many people care. Pictures with Santa Paws was a huge success this year, we saw many people who visit us each year, but we also met some new friends in our winter wonderland. We have also been invited to many different organizations to collect donations. I was invited to Mapleton to receive a donation from the Girl Scout troop and was blown away at the amount of items collected by a small group. You go girls!!
    I am so pleased that Ted, our local weatherman, has reminded people to bring their pet inside when the weather is bad. If that reminder “guilts” one person to bring their dog or cat in from the cold it is so worthwhile. I lay awake at night worrying about the animals left outside. If you see an animal you think is being left without food, shelter or fresh water, please call your local Animal Control Agent and report it. You may be saving a life.
    Have a safe and happy holiday! Merry Christmas to all!
    The Central Aroostook Humane Society will be closing early on Christmas Eve and will not be open Christmas Day so plan accordingly.



ImageContributed photo
    HAPPY HOLIDAYS from the Central Aroostook Humane Society. Posing with Santa Claus are, clockwise, from left: Carolyn Cheney, board member; Stephanie Morin, work study student; Betsy Hallett, manager; Heather Storey, employee; Christine Robinson, board president; Vi Belanger, board member; Crystal Belanger, volunteer; and Karen Carmichael, board vice president. The humane society would like to thank Joe Ruggles for assisting with the photo.