Bowl-A-Drome couples league

15 years ago

    Lisa Brissette and John Bougie (48-24), Jane and Jack Foster (42-22), Anita and Greg Dickinson (40-24), Carol Adams and Keith Nelson (38-34), Sheila and Craig Gustafason (38-26), Freda Mosley and Gary O’Neil (38-34), Tammy Thomas and Byron Skidgel (36-28), Theresa and Terry Cochran (36-28), Shirley Bretzke and C.P. Harris (36-36), Darlene and Phil Caverhill (30-42), Tammy and Glenn Nadeau (30-34), Marie and Donnie Anderson (30-26), Kelly McBreairty and Joel Wardwell (24-48), Maryanne and Eric Scott (6-66).