Clementines are fine in SAD 29

15 years ago

    HOULTON — Students in SAD 29 were once again the recipients of “Darling Clementines” as a way to promote solid nutrition at their respective schools.
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SNACK ATTACK — Jeremy Thornton, left, and Bradley Polchies, two students from Mrs. Faulkingham’s Kindergarten class at Houlton Elementary School enjoy their snack.
    A total of 243 crates of clementines have been donated by LGS Sales in New Jersey to all schools in the greater Southern Aroostook area.
    This is the sixth year this company has generously donated them.
    The clementines were delivered to Houlton Southside, Houlton High and Houlton Elementary schools on Dec. 16.
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APPEALING — Dan Griffin, a Houlton High School student, eats a Clementine.

    Just two tiny “Darling Clementines” can fulfill the USDA’s recommended daily requirement of Vitamin C for an average person on a 2,000 calories-a-day-diet.
    And, of course, citrus consumption has been consistently shown to boost the human immune system, help keep bones and teeth healthy and provide you with extra protection against skin disorders and diseases such as the common cold.
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ENJOYING A SNACK — Grade 5 students at Houlton Southside enjoying a Clementine are, from left, Alexis Ireland, Hannah Jacobs, Hannah Foley and Victoria Holmes

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TOP OF THE CLASS — Mrs. Harris’ Kindergarten class at Houlton Elementary School enjoy their clementines.