Matmen win four

15 years ago
By Joseph Cyr
Sports Editor

    CARIBOU — The Caribou wrestling squad had a busy, and successful, week competing in two meets. The Vikings hosted squads from Old Town, Fort Kent, Mattanawcook Academy, PCHS and Hermon Saturday and won four of five matches. Caribou beat Washington Academy 54-22; bested Old Town, 54-30; defeated PCHS, 54-24; beat Hermon, 60-18; and fell to Fort Kent, 43-36.

Image Staff photo/Joseph Cyr
  Caribou’s Justin Wilcox, right, tussels with Marvin Cling of Washington Academy during Saturday’s wrestling match. Wilcox pinned Cling at 2:45. The Vikings picked up four victories in five matches at the meet held at Caribou High School.

    Caribou also defeated Fort Kent 48-33 Dec. 16.
    “We were missing a few wrestlers, and still won four out of five matches,” Caribou coach Todd Albert said. “Jake  and Nick Michaud had great days winning all five of their matches. Michael Selander, Cody Wilcox, Dustin Green, Brendan Wood, Lance Jandreau  and Deion Caudill each had four wins. Deion wrestled tough all day and gave the Fort Kent opponent all he wanted.  He is only a sophomore and will be one to watch. It’s still early in the season and if we keep making progress we will get better as the season goes along.”
    The Vikings next meet is the Christmas tournament at Penobscot Valley High School on Monday Dec. 28.
    In Saturday’s meet, the individual results, with Viking grapplers listed first, were:
    103 pounds — Chelsea Martin (6-0) won by forfeit over WA. Caribou forfeited to Lindsey Blaisell-Kinney, OT; forfeited to Tyler Ellis, PCHS; forfeited to Alex Peterson, Herm; and forfeited to Megan Pelletier, FK.
    112 pounds — Michael Selander (8-5) was pinned by Chianti Mrazik, WA, at 1:06; and won by forfeit over OT, PCHS, Herm; and FK.
    119 pounds — Dustin Green (10-2, 3 pins) won by forfeit over WA, OT, and Herm; and pinned Benny Fishman, FK, at 2:33. Cameron Hill (1-3) was pinned by Bryan Malo, PCHS, at 1:00.
    125 pounds — Brendon Wood (5-3, 3 pins) pinned Jacob Brizee, WA, at 0:14; pinned Ayla Allen, OT, at 0:13 in overtime; won by forfeit over PCHS; pinned Josh Deveau, Herm, at 0:25; lost to Cody Lozier, FK, 20-7;
    130 pounds — Lance Jandreau (9-2, 7 pins) pinned Peter Robinson, WA, at 0:14; pinned Kiowa Vickery, OT, at 3:14; won by forfeit over PCHS and Herm; and was pinned by Spencer Levesque, FK, at 5:36.
    135 pounds — Caribou double forfeit with WA; Cody Wilcox (8-3, 4 pins) pinned Julie Cookson, OT, at 0:33; won by forfeit over PCHS; and was pinned by Ryan Botting, Herm; and pinned Jeremy Voisine, FK, at 3:52.
    140 pounds — Wilcox won by forfeit over WA. Caribou forfeited to Joshua Oarkhurst, OT; forfeited to Troy Violette, PCHS; forfeited to Troy Violette, PCHS; double forfeit with Herm; and forfeited to Jake Tardiff, FK.
    145 pounds — Jake Michaud (9-4, 7 pins) pinned Brandon Ellsworth-Schnall, WA, at 1:16; pinned Andrea Perkins, OT, at 0:27; pinned Darius Shaffer, PCHS, at 1:36; won by forfeit over Herm; and pinned Garrett Albert, FK, at 1:30.
    152 pounds — Dylan Greenier (3-6) was pinned by David Glidden, WA, at 1:24; won by forfeit over OT; was pinned by Skylar Bailey, PCHS, at 1:13; won by forfeit over Herm; and was pinned by Jake Michaud, FK, at 1:30.
    160 pounds — Levi Bither (5-8, 3 pins) lost to Alex Bochez, WA, 14-2; was pinned by Justin Libby, OT, at 2:39; won by forfeit over PCHS; won by forfeit over Herm; and was pinned by Austin Theriault, FK, at 1:09.
    171 pounds — Nick Michaud (10-3, 6 pins) won by forfeit over WA; pinned Rochelle Carlson, OT, at 0:14; pinned TJ Thomas, PCHS, at 3:48; won by forfeit over Herm; and pinned Jake Kelley, FK, at 0:41.
    189 pounds — Deion Caudill (7-3, 4 pins) won by forfeit over WA; pinned Meagan Weeks, PCHS, at 1:01; and lost to Jud Taggett, FK, 10-5. Jeremy Miller (1-2, 1 pin) was pinned by Lee Larry, OT, at 0:53 and won by forfeit over Herm.
    215 pounds —Miller was pinned by Zac Ragot, WA, at 0:32. Caudill pinned Brian Jipson, OT, at 0:51; double forfeit with PCHS; pinned Matthew McGowan, Herm, at 2:57. Andrew Michaud (1-0, 1 pin) pinned Renee Morse, FK, at 0:13.
    285 pounds — Justin Wilcox (2-2, 1 pin) pinned Marvin Cling, WA, at 2:45; was pinned by Trevor Neal, OT, at 0:55; won by forfeit over PCHS; and was pinned by Troy Bennett, Herm, at 5:41. Levi Swan (6-2, 5 pins) was pinned by Brenton Levesque, FK, at 3:16.

ImageStaff photo/Joseph Cyr
    Sizing up his opponent, Washington Academy’s Chianti Mrazik, is Caribou’s Michael Selander in the 112-pound weight class. Selander is a freshman on the Viking squad, which defeated four of five opponents in the home meet held Saturday.