Prayers answered for Mars Hill family

15 years ago
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    CHRISTMAS 2009 will be one to remember for the Guerrette family of Mars Hill, clockwise from left, Bobbi Jo, Jamie, Ryan and Carly, who recently learned that an anonymous donor had answered their prayers in the form of a $90,000 pledge for delicate surgeries in California for Bobbi Jo, who was born without ears.



By Tomi Henderson
Special to The Star-Herald

    MARS HILL — What began as a big sister’s prayer has become a true example that nothing is too big for the Lord.  Five-year-old Carly Guerrette of Mars Hill prayed that her 3-year-old sister Bobbi Jo could have ears like everyone else. In the past few weeks, Good Samaritans have stepped forward to make a big sister’s wish come true.  
    Jamie and Ryan Guerrette began looking into the options that were available and found that the California Ear Institute in Palo Alto could construct ear drums, ear canals and an outer ear for Bobbi Jo, but that each surgery would be approximately $45,000. Travel and motel expenses would also be incurred for each three-week trip.  One surgery at a time would be done, with a few months between each one.
    There have been many fund-raisers done, and several thousand dollars have been raised to make steady headway toward the goal. But last week a clear answer to Carly’s prayer came when the family was contacted on behalf of an anonymous donor who is going to give the necessary funds for the surgeries.
    The donor has requested that when the insurance company reimbursement is received, the Guerrettes would dedicate those funds in two ways — half would go to college funds for both Carly and Bobbi Jo and the other half would go to help other children in need.
    The Guerrettes think that that is a fantastic idea.  They like the idea of being a part of “paying it forward.”  They are true believers in the power of prayer and their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ has only gotten stronger with recent events.
    The family will travel to California in April for Bobbi Jo’s first surgery, then again in September for the second.  We look forward to seeing Bobbi Jo being all she can be — with butterfly earrings in both ears just like her big sister Carly!