Blackhawks thank a special man …

14 years ago

    The Houlton-Hodgdon Blackhawks are dedicating this season to a special man.
Last Saturday the Blackhawks honored Wayne Quint for his commitment to the hockey program, athletics at the school and for caring about his students.

Quint served as Houlton High School educator, coach and athletic director for 50 years before stepping down earlier this year.        “It’s wonderful to be honored by the hockey team,” he said after the brief ceremony before last Saturday’s game with Greely. “I worked very well with Joel and Mitch. They have done an excellent job and it’s a delight to watch these kids play. I think we have a wonderful program.”
Quint received a Blackhawks jersey with his name across the back and the number 50 in honor of his year’s service, while his wife, Lorraine was given five red roses for five decades of support.
Blackhawks coach Joel Trickey thanked Quint for his “expert guidance” to the cooperative hockey team for the last nine years.
The idea of a hockey program began with the Hockey 2000 Committee. After meeting with the school board and going over the concerns, the program was initiated.
“Some people thought it would fly,” Quint said. “Some thought it would influence our basketball team and we wouldn’t be as good. It’s turned out very well and we have a good program.”
Trickey said his speech wasn’t rich enough to cover all that Quint had accomplished throughout his tenure as an educator, coach and athletic director at Houlton High School.
“I want to thank Wayne for all he has done to help me navigate the challenges of working to shape young teen athletes into productive young adults,” said Trickey. “While I had coached youth hockey for 20 years, working in a varsity program was new to me and Wayne has been a fountain of sage advice.”
As a team, the Blackhawks wanted to thank Quint for his support and encouragement.
“He took our fledgling program under his wing and helped us grow to what we are today,” said Trickey.
“It has come a long way,” Quint said of the program. “They are well disciplined and they play hard. We have a lot of kids playing.”
There are 20 players on the Blackhawks roster, and many young skaters are hoping for the chance to play as a Blackhawk someday.
But, Trickey’s  gratitude went beyond the arena.
“Equally important is the influence Wayne has had on so many of the students and athletes of Houlton,” said Trickey. “He has helped to shape the character of a multitude of students over the years by teaching the value and importance of good sportsmanship and personal ethics.”
Quint is still teaching Driver’s Education at the school, so many students still have the chance to interact with him.
“I’m still teaching driving,” he said. “I come to the games and I am still watching my grandkids play sports.”