Mother searches for missing son

15 years ago
By Kathy McCarty  
Staff Writer

    PRESQUE ISLE — A local mother is asking for the public’s help in locating her missing adult son. James Garvey, 39, was reportedly last seen by his mother sometime between May 28 and June 5, 2009. 

    “I last saw James at my house at 20 Pond St. sometime between May 28 and June 5. He left with a friend and I have not seen or heard from him since,” said Dianna Kinney.
    Kinney said she is concerned for her son has health issues and she’s concerned for his well-being.
    “He’s bi-polar and was supposed to be on medications. He can’t read and has always had to have someone else read directions on how to take medicine. This is the first time he’s ever been gone this long. I’m afraid someone could take advantage of him, due to his condition,” Kinney explained.
    Kinney said she contacted police but to date there’s no information on her son’s whereabouts.
    “I’ve heard he’s been treated by Aroostook Mental Health Center, but patient information is confidential and I can’t confirm if that’s true or not. He’s been gone a long time. I just want to know he’s ok,” said Kinney.
    Garvey is described as having long dark brown hair, a beard, weighs 160-170 lbs. and is 6-feet 1-inch tall.
    “He was last seen wearing blue jeans, a T-shirt and a Dale Earnhardt Jr. hat. He never went anywhere without that hat,” said Kinney.
    Kinney is hoping someone out there knows where her son is or can have her son contact her.
    “I’m just hoping someone can tell me he’s ok. He’s my only son and I’m worried,” said Kinney. “I’m hoping the New Year will bring me good news. Otherwise, I’m not looking forward to another year of not knowing where my son is.”
    Kinney, who does not have a phone, asked that anyone with information about her son stop by her residence at 20 Pond St.
    “I’m home every day. Just stop by,” said Kinney. “I just hate not knowing where my child is. He may be grown but he’s still my son and I love him.”