Town Hall meetings to invite veterans’ questions

15 years ago
By Barbara Scott
Staff Writer

    The Veterans Administration will be hosting Town Hall meetings in the Chan Center at Cary Medical Center next week. On Friday, Jan. 8, a general meeting will begin  at 7 p.m. and on Saturday, Jan. 9, a meeting for female veterans will start at 10 a.m.     During these meetings, which are open to all veterans, the Veterans’ Administration representatives will provide updates on specific veteran issues and answer any questions presented. Also during these times, officials with the VA Benefits Department will be on hand to offer outreach to area veterans and answer questions.
     A representative from the Women’s Veterans’ Clinic in Togus will provide updates and answer questions during the Jan.9 meeting.
    Individuals are encourage to spread the word of these meeting dates and to bring a comrade with them to the sessions.
    Anyone having questions but are unable to attend the town hall meetings may contact John Wallace at 325-4680 or at
    Both of these meeting dates offer a chance for veterans and family members to have any questions they may have answered by officials from the Veterans’ Administration.