from the Bunkers …

Dewey DeWitt, Special to Pioneer Times, Special to The County
14 years ago

In the shade of an old apple tree may be a fine place to be in song, but not on the Houlton Community Golf Course.
Holes three and nine offer some delicious snacks of apples, but provide some very bad shots when they come into play — bogies — double bogies — and higher scores are usually the result.
Saturday, July 10 saw a high number of Houlton High alumni playing in the four-person scramble, which also included guests. Winners were T. Wilde, M. Cox, J. Fagnet and M. Donovan; second, J. Vejard, B. Vejard, T. Marino and T. Perry; third, P. Stanley, G. Palmer, M. Fleming and D. York and fourth, B. Rush, M. Rush, M. Carton and B. Weber.
The social hour during the Homecoming Week was thoroughly enjoyed at the club house, which makes an ideal spot for such activities.
In the Ladies’ Twilight League, team winners with 61 points were the “Happy Hookers” led by Sarah Howland, 23 points and other players with 18 points or better, Jen Wallace, Dee Butler, Jenn Carr, Pam Mailman, Jane Phipps, Mary Grant, Barb Moakler, Lori Holmes and Frannie Grant.
The “Happy Hookers” retain their lead in the standings. Incidentally, the origin of their name could have various meanings. They could hit the ball right to left or they could all enjoy fishing — oh well, use your imagination.
In the Men’s Twilight League, leaders in their divisions are David Edgar and Tom Moakler; Jerry Tweedie and Todd Willard; Dick York and Paul Adams — Dick must be playing awfully good.
Geoff Goodwin had the best score, along with Reggie Grant on July 5th.
On July 24, a member/guest 18-hole tournament will be held. It’s an interesting format calling for a six-hole Best Ball, a six-hole Scramble and a six-hole Alternate Shot. There will be many gross and net prizes to be awarded.
I realize many attendees at the Houlton Alumni Week festivities are gone home to other areas, and though I was not a graduate, I enjoyed seeing many old friends whom I thought had aged a great deal until I looked in the mirror. Now, they look young.
I enjoyed remembering basketball times with Billy Colbath, Scott and Tommy Brown among others.