Cary announces births

14 years ago

The following births have been announced at Cary Medical Center.
SULLIVAN — A boy, Austin Alexander Sullivan, born April 24, 2010, to Tabitha Lee Sullivan and Paul Wasson of Fort Fairfield.
BARKER — A boy, Joseph Michael Barker, born April 29, 2010, to Amy Joy Berube and Michael Barker of Washburn.
GENTHNER — A girl, Jasmine Dawn-Marie Genthner, born May 4, 2010, to Amanda True and Brian Genthner of Fort Fairfield.
HAYES — A boy, Oliver Hayes, born May 4, 2010, to Cheri and John Hayes of Washburn.
CALDWELL — A girl, Brooke Elizabeth Caldwell, born May 5, 2010, to Shelly and Robbie Caldwell of Limestone.
FERRONE — A boy, Christopher Paul Ferrone, born May 12, 2010, to Shelby Dobson and Bryan Ferrone of Caribou.
MICHAUD — A boy, Reed Elliott Michaud, born May 13, 2010, to Kellie and Matt Michaud of Fort Kent.