Cary births

14 years ago

The following births have been recorded at Cary Medical Center.
STOKES — A boy, Tyler Joseph Stokes, born May 15, 2010, to Heather and Douglas Stokes of Ashland.
CORBIN — A boy, Braeden Noah Corbin, born May 22, 2010, to Cassandra Pelletier and Steven Corbin of Caribou.
PINETTE — A boy, Elijah Pinette, born May 23, 2010, to Nathalie Morrow and Jared Pinette of Van Buren.
McCLARY — A boy, Connor James McClary, born May 26, 2010,  to Stacy Dumais and James McClary of Van Buren.
PAUL — A girl, Zi’gwan Paul, born May 29, 2010, to Tania M. Morey and Mointaptok Paul of Presque Isle.
DOODY — A girl, Keira Nicole Doody, born May 29, 2010, to Katie Bowring and Todd Doody Jr. of Nashville Plantation.
LANDEEN — A girl, Elyza Mae Landeen, born May 30, 2010, to Samantha and Aaron Landeen of Caribou.
COREY — A boy, Logan Cain Corey, born May 31, 2010, to Jessica Grinsby and Jamie Corey of Caribou.
ROBBINS — A girl, Sarah Mae Robbins, born June 10, 2010, to Kimberly Robbins of Caribou.
RUGGLES —A boy, Collin Conrad Ruggles, born June 10, 2010, to Darci Sands and Richard Ruggles of New Sweden.