Ashland Area PTO selling pieces of old gymnasium floor

14 years ago

Ashland Area PTO selling pieces of old gymnasium floor


by Susan Feeney-Hopkins

    The Ashland Community High School gym floor has been torn up by PTO members Corrine Routhier, Andrea White, Sammi Jimmo, Shelli Condon and Taunja Jandreau. With the assistance from Marshall White, Glenn Cray, Cary Pelletier, Randy Chasse, Troy Condon, Chet Condon, Brett Stratton, Matt Calhoun, Joel Hall and Sarah Brooks, the task is now complete. The PTO members would like to send a “big thank you to everyone who helped with this project!” 

    Pieces of the gym floor are currently available for sale for $15 a piece at these locations: Coffin’s General Store and Dean’s Motor Lodge in Portage Lake, and The One Stop, Babe’s Variety and the Ashland Food Mart in Ashland. Those who have pre-ordered their pieces can pick them up from Shelli Condon at Orion Timberlands on Main Street in Ashland.
    Buy your piece of Ashland Community High School nostalgia. It is an inexpensive and neat gift idea for yourself or your ACHS alum.


Photo courtesy of Susan Feeney-Hopkins

    PIECES OF THE BOBBY GODING MEMORIAL GYM FLOOR were salvaged to create nostalgic collector pieces on sale now with the proceeds going to the Ashland Area PTO.


New Ashland School opening delayed

    Though the construction project is complete, the start of school in the new building has been delayed until Wednesday, Sept. 8.
    “It is a tremendous endeavor to move two schools into one. By changing the start date, it will provide for plenty of time to unpack,” said SAD 32 Superintendent Gehrig Johnson. At present, the employees and volunteers within the school district have been busy assisting with the move and setting things up.
    According to Johnson, “It was part of the grand plan. We knew early on we could use a few extra weeks once the construction was complete to get the new school ready and in order.”
    SAD 32 will begin classes Sept. 8 instead of the latter part of August which has been customary. To make up the difference, the students will not be taking the harvest break as they have in the past.
    “We’re not really calling it late,” said Johnson, “we are starting two weeks later than we normally do, but that puts us on track with others.”
    Kids enjoy the extra few weeks. It will be worth the wait!



Photo courtesy of Susan Feeney-Hopkins

    WITH THE CONSTRUCTION PORTION of the project complete, the new school in Ashland is now set to open for classes Sept. 8.


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