Jepson recognized

14 years ago

Brenda Jepson, former instructor of the Viking Video Productions program at Caribou Technology Center, received The Huey Award for 2010 during the Maine International Film Festival held July 17 in Waterville.

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After receiving The Huey Award from the Maine Film Commission on July 17, New Sweden filmmaker and video production teacher Brenda Jepson had her photo taken with the award’s namesake — Huey Coleman, a noted Maine filmmaker, educator and director of the Maine Student Film & Video Festival.

The Huey Award is presented by the Maine Film Office and Maine Film Commission each year to a Maine resident who exhibits “exceptional contributions in film and education in Maine” and is named for Huey Coleman, a noted Maine filmmaker, educator and director of the Maine Student Film & Video Festival.

“When (the Commission director) called me and told me I had won this award, I cried. I had only just learned that my TV production program, I had built up over 15 years, was being eliminated, and here I was getting an educator’s award for teaching film. It sure gave me a boost when I needed it. This award would never have been possible unless for the wonderful students I have had over the years,” said the New Sweden-based filmmaker.

In making the presentation to Jepson, Lea Girardin cited various ways Jepson had helped aspiring film students over the years.

“Over the years, my initial respect and admiration for Brenda has continued to grow. Her joy of living and teaching and exploring the world through film is infectious. She is a ‘scapper’ for all the right things … she scraps for her students in Caribou, she scraps to create films that bring a vision of Maine to many people and she scraps fro independent filmmakers throughout Maine.” Girardin said.

Most recently, Jepson and her husband Alan have supported a Caribou native, Nathan Oliver, in filming the first feature-length movie in Aroostook County — “The Zombies Are Coming to Town” — slated for release next spring.

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Brenda Jepson’s Huey Award hangs on the porch of her camp — a very special location.