Dixie visited Caribou Police Department

14 years ago

fs-norma-dcs-ar-29Contributed photo
“We are anxious to find a county home for our little Dixie Girl,” explained Norma Milton, president of the Halfway Home Pet Rescue. “We thought she was lost and that someone was crying over her. I wonder now if little Dixie is just a beautiful little yellow kitty with white feet that has the urge to explore.” Milton adores Dixie’s crazy antics. “Dixie escaped from my home three times last week by first getting out of her carrier and then jumping out of the car window. The second time, she tripped me as I tried to sneak outside; this ended with her outside, but me inside and halfway down the cellar steps,” Milton recalled. “The first and second time, I found her quite easily, as she had just wondered down the street to visit and see who lived where. ‘No worry, no hurry,’ Dixie said. Dixie’s third escape was a bit more precarious. According to Milton, Dixie tripped a volunteer and went on a real journey. “I searched until dark and then alerted the police station that I had an ‘escaped’ cat. All the next day I wasted gas looking for my sweet Dixie,” Milton explained. From the people Milton spoke with, it appears that Dixie had quite a tour of Caribou with Milton always just a few hours behind her. She had just gotten into bed that night when the phone rang and a police officer asked if she was still missing a cat. “When I entered the station door, I instantly recognized her sitting on the shelf; when I called ‘Dixie’ and she ran straight to me like I had been lost forever … we should we have named her Gypsy,” Milton added. Dixie is about 2 years, leukemia tested, spayed female who has all her shots, is wormed and very loving. According Pet Rescue volunteers, Dixie is good with other cats, dogs and children; the also specified that Dixie needs either a farm home or a town home on a quiet street.