Higgins prevails in bicycle race

14 years ago

Higgins prevails in bicycle race

    FORT FAIRFIELD – Fifty-eight cyclists, ranging in age from under 8 to 69, took part Sunday in the Spud Cycle Classic bike race.
    Presque Isle’s Devin Higgins, a member of the Velocite club, won the event with a time of 1:04:07. Also crossing the finish line in the winners’ pack were Thad LaVallee of Boston and Taylor Schwartz of Manchester. 

    Other top finishers in the 25-mile Maine Potato Blossom Festival competition were: James Wohlgemuth of Carmel, Von Perry of Easton, Matt Michaud of Fort Kent, Seth Haskell (no town listed) and Liam Wholly of Bangor, all at 1:04:08.
    Rounding out the top 15 were: Francois Violette of St. Leonard, N.B., and Steve Connor of Dedham, both 1:04:11; Chris Brewer of Bath, and Kyle Washington of Caribou, both at 1:06:35; Max Saenger of Stockholm, 1:06:38; and Jeff Dubis of Fort Kent, and Dean Collins of Madawaska, both at 1:08:31.
    Richard “Dick” Nichols was the oldest competitor, as the 67-year-old Fort Fairfield resident finished 37th with a time of 1:42:15.
    Josh Doody, a 15-year-old from Grove City, Penn., won the 12-mile race in a time of 49:55 followed by Easton’s Eli Pangburn, 13, at 53:39 and Caribou’s Tyler Strid, 15, at 57:07. Morgann Towle, 12, won the 1.2-mile event with a time of 6:44. Max Bartley was the .8-mile race winner with a time of 3:24 minutes while Kadin Barnes won the .4-mile event in a time of 1:49 minutes.


Contributed photo/Aroostook Photographic-Richard K. Nichols


    TOP TWO – Devin Higgins of Presque Isle, left, and Thad LaVallee of Boston came in first and second, respectively, in the Spud Cycle Classic bicycle race, held Sunday in Fort Fairfield.