Political sign law changed

13 years ago

By Elna Seabrooks
Staff Writer

    HOULTON — With less than six weeks before the November election, changes to Houlton’s ordinance governing political signs are in effect.
    Following a public hearing on Sept. 13, the town councilors approved the new law governing placement of campaign signs and when they must be removed.
    Town Manager Doug Hazlett commented at the meeting that the change restores the ability of candidates to place signs in places other than parks. Councilor Fred Grant stated that it protects landowners with right-of-ways in front of their property. The ordinance determines that property ownership “shall be determined to be the centerline of the abutting way.”
    According to the new ordinance “political messages relating to an election or primary or referendum may be placed in … Union Square, Market Square, Monument Park, Pierce Park, Riverfront Park.”     Additionally, the amendments changing the previous ordinance state that signs may be placed six weeks prior to the election, primary or referendum and must be removed by the candidate or the political committee not more than one week later.
    The changes also allow campaign signs to be placed on private property with the landowner’s consent six week prior to the election. Those signs must be removed, according to the ordinance, not more than one week later.
    Any questions regarding political sign placement should be directed to the Houlton Town Office, 21 Water St., 532-7111.