Bringing the business back

13 years ago

To the editor:
    In 2009 I graduated from Presque Isle High School. For the past two years I’ve been attending college at the University for Southern Maine pursuing a degree in biology. For the first time I am fearful of what the future holds for soon-to-be college graduates like myself. I have watched members of my class and classes before me leave Aroostook County and Maine to pursue opportunities that we don’t have here at home.
    In order to reverse this “brain drain” we need to change the direction that our state is heading in. This past January, Alex Willette approached me about his campaign for House of Representatives and his ideas to make Maine, especially Aroostook County, a more business friendly place. His work, while in college, as chairman of the Maine College Republicans allowed him to work with Legislators from all across the state to try to reduce the cost of doing business. Our energy prices are too high and we are taxing our small businesses to death.
    Small business is the engine that drives the Maine economy, and until we provide them with the business climate to succeed, Mainers will continue to be out of work, and young adults will continue to leave. I know Alex Willette has the ideas and vision to steer Maine back on the right track, but he needs your support to send him to Augusta.
    I will be voting for Alex Willette on Nov. 2nd, and I urge you to do the same.
Jason Johnson
Presque Isle