Supports Willette

14 years ago

To the editor:
    It is my pleasure to voice my support for Alex Willette as the next State Representative for District 7. I am encouraged by Alex’s decision to bring his knowledge and love for this area to Augusta.
    I am confident of his leadership skills from watching his development as a Boy Scout, eventually attaining the rank of Eagle and holding regional leadership positions. While in college, Alex advocated Aroostook County interests to legislators from across the state, giving him experience that will only help him succeed as your Representative.  Having grown up in Mapleton and now working in the local community, he has seen firsthand how hard it has been for families to deal with rising taxes and the difficulties of keeping small businesses going in the area. Alex sees these issues as priorities that need to be addressed as soon as possible.
    I have been blessed to have grown up in Aroostook County, where youth grow up learning the meaning of family values and hard work.  Alex has enjoyed the same experience, and wants future generations to have those same opportunities to learn the “County work ethic.” Alex knows we have the labor force; we just need more business friendly strategies to bring employment opportunities to the area. There needs to be a balance of support for the agricultural economic backbone of Aroostook County, as well as increased benefits for service oriented and technology based businesses to call Northern Maine their home. In doing this, we can offer well paying jobs that will bring families to Aroostook County, and to keep our youth here to start their own families.
    With uncontrolled spending in Augusta, the new legislature will face many questions about how to keep taxes from rising.  Alex will be working hard to represent those who have said enough is enough with the government taking away an increasing amount of their paycheck.
    I don’t want to downplay any level of experience Alex’s opponent has; however, I would like to dissipate any conversation downplaying what Alex can, and will do. I can assure you that Alex would not be in this campaign if he didn’t know he was ready to take on these responsibilities, contrary to opinions voiced by others in the area.  I can only assume that anyone using this reasoning is referring to age more than actual experience.  To me, age and experience are two separate things that shouldn’t be mistaken for each other.  In this case, however, I would argue that both attributes are a benefit to Alex.  He can bring a young generations prospective to a government lacking the voice needed to make today’s issues less of a burden for Maine’s future taxpayers, families and leaders. As for experience, Alex has already shown his interest in representing Northern Maine in Augusta by actually going there as an advocate for you. If that isn’t experience, I don’t know what is.  Now he wants to take that experience a step further with your vote on November 2nd.
    We all wish to see Aroostook County reach its potential as a viable economic force in the State, while still maintaining the natural beauty that makes living here enjoyable.  A vote for Alexander Willette will be a vote for someone who is “From the County, For the County.”
Kent Corey
Washburn and Bangor