Willette is dedicated

13 years ago

To the editor:
    Over the last year I have had the opportunity to get to know Alex Willette. Last summer he approached me about collecting signatures at The Braden Theater to prevent the new sales tax law from going into effect. Day after day Alex showed up to all the shows we had, collecting  signatures to help save everyday Mainers from a sales tax increase on over 100 new items ranging from theater tickets to car repair. As a Realtor he also saw the effect that it would have had on homeowners who would have lost all of their state income tax deductions. In Just over two months of collecting around town and at the theater he collected over 1,300 signatures.
    The dedication Alex showed last summer and throughout the referendum campaign to educate voters on the effects of this poorly put-together tax bill is what we need in our State Representative. He worked tirelessly then to protect us from paying higher taxes in a time we couldn’t afford it, and he will continue this fight in Augusta.
    I will be casting my vote for Alex Willette on Nov. 2nd, and I would strongly encourage you to do so as well.
Arlen Dow
Presque Isle