Ricker College Board holds annual meeting

13 years ago

The Ricker College Board of Trustees convened for its annual meeting on Oct. 29, at the Courtyard Café in Houlton.
Gary Stairs, chairman of the board, presided over the meeting at which Bob Askren of Houlton and Dan Watson of East Millinocket were newly elected to the board. Stairs also presented honorary jackets to two members who retired after serving 12-year terms: Dana Wright and Otis Smith.
    Elected to serve as officers for 2011 were the following: Susan Nason, chair of the board; Woodrow Dunphy, vice-chair; Betty Stone, secretary and Jay Clark, treasurer. Gary Bossie will continue to serve as executive director.
Bossie reported that the Trustees will be able to offer one scholarship to each Aroostook County high school for 2011. The Trustees will be sending over $120,000 to various colleges in January. The Ricker Scholarship is a four-year scholarship of $1,500 annually awarded to Aroostook County high school graduates. Since 1985, the board has distributed more than $3 million to assist graduates from area high schools.
The Ricker College Board is a private, non-profit, charitable corporation which administers funds bequeathed to the board for educational purposes.
The board maintains its office at 106 Main Street in Houlton. It makes its contacts with prospective recipients through the guidance officers of high schools. Other information is available on-line at rickerscholarship.com.