Concert was not affiliated with Veterans Cemetery

13 years ago

To the editor:
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many people who have and continue to support the Maine Veterans Cemetery/Caribou and the Northern Maine Veterans Cemetery Corporation, its officers and members. Repeatedly we see wonderful responses to any need we have and make every attempt to thank the many donors for their generosity.
    The Cemetery Corporation members would like to correct an assumption that a recent concert held in Presque Isle by Stonewall Jackson had a portion of those proceeds donated to the Northern Maine Veterans Cemetery Corporation. There was an article in the newspaper that indicated that was the case. We contacted the sponsor of the event and were informed it was a misprint and we would like to correct this assumption so that the people who anticipated an acknowledgement of this donation would understand that no donation from this event was received. We are hopeful that this event was a success and we simply want to keep our loyal friends accurately informed of fundraising activities focused to the continuing improvements at the Maine Veterans Cemetery/Caribou.
    Thank you for all you do for the many veterans services initiatives throughout Aroostook County and we value your continued support to the many cemetery projects we are planning for the future.
Harry Hafford, chair
NM Veterans Cemetery Corp.
    Editor’s note: The Oct. 8-9 Stonewall Jackson concerts were, in fact, intended to benefit the Presque Isle Music Boosters, the Maine Veterans Home/Caribou, and the Hayward-Frazier VFW Post 2599. The Maine Veterans Cemetery/Caribou was included due to a reporting error and this newspaper regrets any confusion this may have caused.