A Tribute

13 years ago
Do you ever stop and think how much we owe this generation?

After years of stress, hardships, against an enemy that poses as a friend
Even after killing their own, they still call this a holy war
For members in the service, it must be almost unbearable
Is it any wonder so many say, “I can’t take this any more!”

So often we read or turn on the television
Hearing of another of our finest, that will never see another day
Or those that are maimed for life
Do you as in comfort, lie down to sleep, for them do you pause and pray?

We are engaged in a different type of conflict, with enemies everywhere
Many are traitors, citizens of our own land
Or of other free countries around the world
Their hope is to destroy us, we ask our God to lend a helping hand.

There are the tears of anguish as our loved ones go to far-off countries
Tears of joy when they come home again for R and R
Yet, knowing all too soon they again must leave
Back to where the elusive enemies are.

From the time of the signing of the Declaration of Independence
Men and women have answered to this nation’s call
We owe those past and present for the sacrifices they made
By the hundreds, by the thousands, by the millions, so many gave their all.

When Lincoln composed, and read, his Emancipation Proclamation
There ensued that heart-rending separation in our own land
To right a wrong that belied our forefathers sacred word
Today each race of all colors, with us side by side, equally stand.

This national holiday again we meet, at the honor rolls to pay tribute
To all that have served since the start of this great nation
For all that each veteran has done, and for all they have given, so willingly
Nor forgetting the great commander-in-chief, that gave us this land, his great creation.

Today to those that still proudly carry our banner of freedom
Goes our heartfelt prayers and thanks for carrying on the good fight
For you, for bearing the turmoil and burdens that seem to be unending
Be proud, for you deserve it, you serve knowing that which is right.

In loving memory of Lt. James Zimmerman
We owe you so much for the sacrifice you have made in our behalf
May God be with you and give you His promise of everlasting peace.

We, the American Legion Post 45, of Danforth, Maine extend our sympathy and
Gratitude to all his loved ones, in their time of great loss and sorrow.

Winston P. Bartlett