Grease is the word

13 years ago

Houlton Pioneer Times Photo/Joseph Cyr
NE-CLR-Grease-dc-pt-46ROCKIN’ HHS  — Meghan Maker, left and Tyler Swimm are the leads in this year’s high school production of “Grease.” The curtains open Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. and again on Sunday at 3 p.m.

By Joseph Cyr
Staff Writer

HOULTON — The Rock N’ Roll good times of Rydell High are coming to the area, courtesy of Houlton High School’s annual play production.
    The musical “Grease” will grace the stage of Houlton High School, for three fun-filled performances. The curtain rises at 7 p.m. Friday, Nov. 19, at 7 p.m., followed by another performance 7 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 20 and the swan song 3 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 21.
    “In a matter of days, the Houlton High School Auditorium will be transformed into Rydell High for our Fall production of Grease,” said Joe Fagnant, musical director for Houlton High School.
    This year’s show is under the direction of new grade 5-12 vocal music teacher Jason Anderson, along with the assistance of Fagnant and Pamela Chernesky. The trio started the process for casting the show at the beginning of the school year.
    “With extensive auditions, a great cast of characters was chosen and the work began,” Fagnant said.  “With only a few rehearsals left to prepare everything for the show, the intensity of rehearsals will be picking up and more set building and stage preparation will be taking place.”
    This production of Grease will be a reserved ticket event.
    “This was very successful last year when we had our new auditorium,” Fagnant said. “It allowed for parents and community members to not have to wait in a long line and run in to get a seat when the doors opened.”
    Tickets are on sale during the month of November leading up to the show. Prices are $5 for senior citizens and students (up to 12th grade) and $8 for adults. Michelle Hathaway is in charge of selling tickets and tickets can be purchased by calling her directly at 521-4470. There will also be times to buy tickets after school and an hour before show time.
    “The stage version of Grease has the same premise as the movie many of us are familiar with, but there are some slight differences in the production we will be putting on,” Fagnant said.
    Fagnant added he has been working with the tech crew to prepare the space, while Chernesky will be the lighting designer for the show. Along with working with the tech crew, Fagnant is putting the pit orchestra together.
    “It will be great to have adults and students working together to provide the music for the show,” he said. “The pit will have a very experienced crew of musicians including Scott Walker, as he will be joining us again on piano, Jon Simonoff will be returning on bass and the veteran tenor saxophonist Gary Bossie will be providing great classic 1950’s sounds. Along with the adults, students Dustin Fitzpatrick, drums, and Tanner Caron, guitar, will make up a rocking orchestra.  We hope you come and enjoy our production of Grease!”
    The cast for this year’s play includes: Sandy Dumbrowski, Meghan Maker; Danny Zuko, Tyler Swimm; Betty Rizzo, Danika Fitzpatrick; Kinickie, Zacharia Harvey; Jan, Maryah Ranck; Roger, Tyler Delano; Marty, Ally Carmichael; Doody, Zach Waite; Frenchy, Hannah Chapla; Sonny, Nick Hannigan; Linda, Megan Gerath; Patty, Marcy Hernandez; Eugene, Ashton Carmichael; Johnny, Lucas Anderson; Vince, Brandon Clark; Ms. Lynch, Lizzy Garcia; Ms. Green, Michelle Green; and Teen Angel, Wyatt Jenkins.
    The Rydell High Students include Nelson McGuffin, Brandon Murphy, Avery Kibler, Phoenix Crockett, Elyjah Crockett, Lucas Grant, Danielle Daigle, Katie Cone, Chelsi Murray, Taylor Lindsay, Dakota Jenkins, Morgan Kibler, Courtney Bragan, Echo Turner, Jaclyn Hodgkins, Emma Reed, Kierra Carmichael, Brittany Jewell, Mikaelah Tuttle, Jayde Tingley, Kristin Goodall, Maggie Russell, Crystal Nason, Sarah Bouchard, and Mallory Clayton.
    The technical crew features Isaac Brown, Robert Remington, Jacob McGuffin, Cody Gates, Axel Keber and Ryan Tribou.