Art Auction items on display at local hospital

14 years ago

Art Auction items on display

at local hospital

PRESQUE ISLE – The eighth annual Presque Isle Rotary Art Auction pieces are now available for viewing at The Aroostook Medical Center (TAMC) Pinkham entrance until just prior to the Nov. 30-Dec. 2 Presque Isle Rotary Radio/Television Auction.
“This year’s Rotary Art Auction includes 14 pieces from local artists. A few are new to the Rotary Art Auction and we are very excited to have them participate. We also have veteran artists who are so wonderful to support the Rotary Auction recipients in this manner,” said Gina LeBlanc-Eggert, organizer, tri-chair, and Presque Isle Rotarian. “Over the last eight years, the art segment of Rotary’s annual Radio/TV Auction has shown and publicized the work of more than 90 northern Maine artists and raised some significant money for Rotary charities.”
The purpose of the Art Auction, besides raising money for charities, is to increase an appreciation of art in northern Maine and have citizens become more aware of the many fine artists who live in or have an association with Aroostook County. This part of the auction showcases a wide diversity of art, including well-known and fairly unknown artists using a variety of media, with broad geographic coverage of “The County.”
“The Rotary Art Auction usually raises more than $1,000-$1,500 each year. Over the past eight years, the art portion of the annual auction has brought in almost $13,000,” said Jeff Pangburn, Rotary Auction co-chair. “This allows the club to fund more projects in the local area.”
This year, the Art Auction is giving more airtime and bidding time to each piece by having all pieces numbered as one-night items. Instead of the audience bidding on half-hour items, now they will have the whole evening. This will allow the annual “Rotary Resident Artist” and each one-night item to receive a bit more focus and attention from the camera. Of the art submitted, three pieces have been selected for three-night items and will have coverage over all three nights.
This year’s “Rotary Resident Artist” is a veteran to the auction, Tom Cote. A Maine woodcarver, he has participated in the art auction for the last six years.
“Tom is a tradition and we really enjoy having him,” said Pangburn.
The art segment is part of the 63rd annual Presque Isle Rotary Radio/TV Auction, which this year is held from Nov. 30-Dec. 2 from 7-10 p.m. The one-night items of art will be presented on live television early in the evening. The art listing was unable to be printed with the auction booklet; however, a list and pictures of all the pieces that have been received are posted on with brief descriptions of the artists, their creations, and minimum bids for a starting point.
Rotary artists include Betsy Allen, Heather Bessey, Lavina Corey, Tom Cote, Tim Doak, Donald Doheny, William Duncan, Jason Grass, Vera Hayes, Kimberly Kennedy, Oscar Nelder, also known as Voscar: The Maine Photographer, and Rita Olsen.
Proceeds from the 2010 Rotary Auction will benefit the Francis Malcolm Science Institute, the Northern Maine Museum of Science, C.A.N.C.E.R., Easton School Department, Northern Maine Veteran’s Cemetery, Mark & Emily Turner Memorial Library, and Aroostook Youth Football.