Winter finally catches up with the County

14 years ago

By Natalie Bazinet
Staff Writer

    CARIBOU  — Though autumn’s temperatures were just slightly on the warm side, Aroostook County couldn’t stay the snow forever; as of Tuesday morning, Caribou had 3.8 inches of snow, Presque Isle had 2 inches of snow and Linneus had 3 inches of snow.
    Stockholm is the county’s current “snow champion” with 4.5 inches and Saint Francis received the least amount of snow with 1.5 inches.
Houlton Pioneer Times Photo/Joseph Cyr
NE-CLR-Snow-dc2-pt-47SNOWY SCENE — The snow that fell Saturday and Monday in Aroostook County gave Thanksgiving decorations like these spotted on Franklin Avenue in Houlton more of a Christmas appearance.

    While Caribou’s first flakes of snow fell Oct. 23 it didn’t stick until Saturday’s showing of winter, which brought the city 1.8 inches of the white stuff.
    There’s still a thread of chance that the county could see the snow recede once more before winter fully sets in, but it’s a stretch even for the most lighthearted optimist.
    There’s enough snow in Caribou to make it stick through the week, especially considering that the high temperature forecast for the week is 35 degrees on Friday.
    Thanksgiving Day will greet the county with partly sunny skies and a high near 33, but travelers should be aware that there’s a chance of snow and sleet for late Thursday night/early Friday morning.