Modern Beauty trains staff in new techniques

14 years ago

By Elna Seabrooks
Staff Writer

    HOULTON — Linda Pilsbury said after 31 years in the beauty business, she is still learning new things. That’s why she had specialists travel from Connecticut and Massachusetts to Modern Beauty Salon to train her eight staff in the latest techniques for color, relaxers and hair extensions.
    “We’ve been using Colorly for four years and I love it. It leaves the hair natural looking with a lot of shine. The company has come out with new shades and we needed to have a training class,” said Pilsbury. She added that she had seen demonstrations in Caribou where they left black hair color on a woman’s hair for six hours. “And, when the colorists washed it out, her hair was marvelous — just like silk. The only thing the product is going to do is condition the hair.”
Houlton Pioneer Times Photo/Elna Seabrooks
BU-CLR-Modern Beauty-dc1-pt-48TRANSFORMATION — Teenager Danika Fitzpatrick, seated, gets a change from her light brown hair color to a new, red shade under the supervision of Linda Pilsbury, left, Danika’s mother who is a stylist, Jessica Fitzpatrick, and Paul Siragusa of Salon Associates. A training session on Monday at Pilsbury’s downtown Houlton salon Modern Beauty focused on the Colorly line of hair color imported from Italy. Stylists also learned application techniques for human hair extensions in addition to the Hapuna Keratin Retexturizer System from Hawaii.

    Jessica Fitzpatrick of Littleton was in for the training session and ended up trying the color line imported from Milan, Italy that is exclusive to professional salons. Fitzpatrick applied a new shade to her daughter’s hair to transform light brown to red.
    Fitzpatrick’s daughter, Danika, said John Gaulin of Salon Associates had convinced her to go for a new, modern look. “I’ll try anything creative,” said the teenager.
    Meanwhile, stylist Deanna Boisvert, applied color and highlights to Torrie Nason of Houlton. Boisvert said she was working on Nason who had been invited for the special services “to give her a natural, sun-kissed look.”
    The Colorly line, according to Gaulin has been used for talent seen on TV’s “Dancing With The Stars” and “Gossip Girl” as well as in hit movies like “Sex and The City II” and “Twilight.”
    Gaulin and Paul Siragusa, also of Salon Associates, demonstrated the latest products to relax hair with Paul Brown of Hawaii Hapuna Keratin Retexturizer System. Gaulin said this newest wave, so to speak, in relaxing is less damaging and free of harsh chemicals.
Houlton Pioneer Times Photo/Elna Seabrooks
BU-CLR-Modern Beauty-dc2-pt-48LONGER LOCKS — Liza Leavitt from Merrill learns techniques of applying Belle Hair human hair extensions from John Gaulin of Salon Associates. She and fellow employees at Modern Beauty in downtown Houlton participated in a special training session on Monday to learn more about color, hair relaxing and hair extensions.

    Pilsbury said the sessions had been very productive. “We have learned so much this morning.” Among, her other employees were Janet McKay Brewer from Bridgewater, Mindy Libby from Patten and Liza Leavitt from Merrill. McKay Brewer said even after 23 years in the industry, she wanted “to be more confident using Colorly” adding that she likes the condition of hair after treatment and the consistency of line. Pilsbury said the costs for color or highlights starts in the lower $40 ranges, depending on length of hair.
    And for those who want longer locks, Pilsbury’s staff has been trained to apply Belle Hair Extensions that are frequently used in state beauty pageants.
    Contact Modern Beauty at: 532-2001.