1935: Rev. Elie Heey appointed pastor of the Holy Rosary Church

14 years ago

100 Years Ago: Nov. 24, 1910

• Warren Leighton has sold his barber shop in the Sherwood Block to B.G Rideout of Hartland, N.B.

• Collins Pond has frozen over and the young folks are enjoying some pretty good skating.

• To prove his assertion that our Maine deer range over a wide territory, a Maine warden says that a deer killed at East Orland recently had a bell on his neck and data to indicate that he had traveled from Caribou, 200 miles away. Undoubte3dly the deer referred to was one which escaped from the late C.H. Merrill’s yard, while Mr. Merrill was proprietor of the Vaughan House.

• Omar L. and Simon Farnsworth returned Monday from a hunting trip to Madawaska Lake. Omar saw a fine deer, but, carrying the instincts of his profession with him even when hunting, stopped to argue the question as to the most vulnerable place on the animal and the deer vanished during the mental debate. Simon, however, brought down a fine deer a few hours later.

• Potatoes are 90 cents per barrel.

• Miss Ethel Crawford met with a serious accident one day last week. While out driving, her horse became unmanageable, throwing her out, cutting her face quite badly and fracturing her leg.

75 Years Ago: Nov. 21, 1935

• Rev. Elie Heey of St. David has been appointed to succeed Rev. L.D. Ouellette as pastor of the Holy Rosary Church in this town.

• As a result of a conference called by Gov. Louis J. Brann, regarding the matter of financial assistance to the schools of Aroostook County, arrangements were made by which the state will pay to the teachers a small portion of their salaries each week. This amount will probably not average over $6 per teacher per week and will be operative only as long as expedient. This is in the nature of a loan to the towns by the state to be charged against the town’s state school funds. The arrangement is made to bridge over the present stringent situation.

• Mrs. Elizabeth W.G. Thomas Swanberg, who was the first girl to be born in the settlement of New Sweden, died on Nov. 15 at her home in Worcester, Massachusetts. Mrs. Swanberg was born Aug. 30, 1871, the daughter of Capt. And Mrs. Nicklous Clase, who together with 50 others, came over to this country from Onsala, Sweden. She was born in the first log cabin built in New Sweden. Her father was one of the interpreters who helped W.W. Thomas when the colony arrived in America.

• Oswald Thibodeau of the Caribou Motor Co. is wearing a gold wrist watch and pin received as a result of his success in a New England contest sponsored by the Ford Motor Co. for increased percentage in sales of parts during July and August.

• Jack B. bishop has purchased the John Forsman farm in Jemtland.

• The much discussed and along awaited appointment of the personnel of the Caribou liquor stores was settled late this forenoon by  Gov. Louis J. Brann and his executive council at August and the news was wired to the Aroostook Republican at noon by David Walton, chairman of the Maine State Liquor commission. The appointments are as follows: Joseph Raymond, manager; assistants Murray Currier, Charles Brett and Mack Bouchard.

50 Years Ago: Nov. 24, 1960

• The Caribou Fire Department’s 38th annual Thanksgiving Eve Dance will be held at the Caribou High School gymnasium tonight.

• Sixth-grade students from the Woodland Consolidated School who earned high honors for the first ranking period were: Beverly Anderson, Carol Anderson, Jean Dickinson, Marlene Larson and Jeanne Milton. Vinal Espling and Peter Russell earned honors.

• Newly elected officers of the CHS Student Council are: David Lyon, president; Barbara Higgins, vice president; Lynn Espling, secretary/treasurer; Joe Warren, historian; and Sue Phelan, point keeper.

• Miss Barbara Hitchings and her guest, Miss Patricia Morrison of New Jersey, classmates at U.M., are spending the Thanksgiving weekend with Miss Hitchings’ parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hitchings.

• Visiting hours for pediatric patients at the Cary Memorial Hospital have been changed, the administrator, Clayton Harrington announces. Previously the hours were from 2-4 p.m. They are now from 2-3 p.m.

• The Caribou High School Band, chorus and majorettes will present a concert on Thursday, Dec. 1 at the Teague Park gymnasium at 7:30 p.m., under the direction of Kenneth Matthews. All selections will be from the musical hits of Rodgers and Hammerstein.

• Celeste Bouchard, a student at St. Joseph’s School in Portland, is spending the holiday weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bouchard.