From our Files: Headlines from 100 years of local news

14 years ago

Compiled by Karen Donato
Special to the Pioneer Times

100 Years Ago-Nov. 30, 1910
Aroostook Times

    Monticello — Mr. and Mrs. Joel Wellington gave a very pleasant party at their home Thursday evening, to a few of their invited friends. There were four tables and whist was indulged in until 11 o’clock, Mrs. Elbridge Wellington capturing first prize and Mrs. Harrison Folsom the booby. Dainty refreshments of homemade candies, ice cream and cake were served after which Miss Hazel Wellington gave several piano selections, which were enjoyed by all.
    Local — People who braved the elements on Sunday morning to go to church were taken back some 25 years to the days when sidewalk snow plows were unknown and people were satisfied to walk in the road during the winter, but at the present time it seems as though on Sunday with two or three pairs of horses standing in the town stables during nothing it would be a good way to exercise them on the snow plow if nothing more. And if the selectman who has charge of the roads cannot get in to see that it is done, it seems as though it would be a nice thing for someone else to look after.
75 Years Ago-Nov. 28, 1935
Houlton Pioneer Times

    Lost hunter — Game Warden Trueman Miller was the hero of a rather trying rescue, one night last week when, with a flashlight, he followed the trail of a lost hunter for almost four hours before locating him and then had to contend with a seriously suffering victim of cold, exhaustion and frantic fear. The hunter Mora Corliss of Needham, Mass. was one of a party of eight making his second trip to the hunting section west of Hammond Plantation. He had fired all his shells before dark came and had used up his matches trying to light a fire with wet moss and boughs. An axe, attached to his belt had not been used and he told his rescuer he did not know a cedar from a maple. It required an hour before the exhausted man was in a condition to travel and then he rebelled at the idea of going across country instead of following his own circuitous tracks back to the camp. They finally reached safe haven at four the following morning.   
50 Years Ago- Dec. 1, 1960
Houlton Pioneer Times

    Hovey Hill — Skiers of Houlton were given the green light Monday by the Town Council who approved the expenditure of up to $500 to develop a ski slope and rope tow on town-owned property near the site operated last year by Ira Parks.
Houlton Pioneer Times 1960 File Photo
bs-fromfiles60-dc-pt-48SENIOR PLAY — The Class of 1961 at Houlton High School will present the play, “Green Valley” a comedy-fantasy in three acts at the Junior High School Auditorium on December 8 and 9. Shown in the photo, unconcerned Russell Ross and Ruthann Van Tasel, oblivious to the dangers presented by machete wielding Shirley Reardon, left and musket expert, Bob Ellis on right

    DeMolay — Stephen M. Salisbury, 18 of Houlton has been selected as the outstanding DeMolay in Maine by the International Supreme Council of the Order of DeMolay and will receive a Distinguished Service Medallion. This is a symbol of superior ability and accomplishment by a young man in daily exemplifying the finest principles of good citizenship.
    New business — Jere G. Moynihan, general sales manager for Summers’ interests in Maine and New Brunswick has transferred his headquarters from Sandy Point to Houlton according to the Summers’ Fertilizer Co. of Baltimore, Maryland.
25 Years Ago-Nov. 27, 1985
Houlton Pioneer Times

    Council — A proposed change to the Town’s parking ordinance that would empower the Police Department to have vehicles towed away at the owner’s expense, will be rejected by the Houlton Town Council.
    New business — Stephen Palmer and Jane Lawlor of Oakfield are now located on the second floor of the Richards Block in Market Square in Houlton with Safety Insurance Services, Inc.
    Hunter’s luck — Brothers, Paul and Michael Raymond came home with bucks eligible for the Big Bucks Club. The brothers shot the deer in different Houlton area locations. Paul’s had 11 points and weighed 230 pounds. Michael’s had eight points and weighed 202 pounds. They are the sons of Mr. and Mrs. Sylvio Raymond.
    Reward — Gerald Jackins, president of the Houlton Fish and Game Club has announced that a $100 reward will be given by the local club for any information leading up to the conviction of the person who shot the two-year-old eagle in Amity.