HPD Corner

13 years ago

When it snows, clean it up
    With a great snowstorm comes the dubious task of cleaning it up. Please remember: State Law Title 29A – 2396-4 says, “That a person may not place and allow to remain on a public way snow or slush that has not accumulated there naturally.”
    Houlton Town Ordinance 12-301 states, “No person shall use cause to be used any sidewalk in the Town of Houlton as a depository for snow or ice.”
    Going a step further, Houlton Town Ordinance 12-302 states, “The occupant of any store, shop, manufactory, hotel, or a lot of land, bordering upon the sidewalk of any of the streets hereinafter named, and in case there shall be no occupant, the owner or any agent having the care or control of any such building or lot of land bordering upon the streets hereinafter mentioned, shall: After ceasing to fall of any snow and, if in the daytime, within six hours, but if in the night time, before twelve o’clock noon of the day succeeding, cause the same to be removed from such sidewalk. This provision shall be construed to extend to the removing of snow falling from any roof upon said sidewalk. The requirements of this section shall apply to all sidewalks in Market Square, and Union Square, and all sidewalks on Kendall Street, Bangor Street between Union Square to Military Street, Main Street between Market Square and Broadway Street, and Powers Ave., Mechanic Street, Court Street between Market Square and Military Street, and Water Street, and the sidewalk on the west side of Broadway Street, except those sidewalks bordering on the property belonging to churches and the county or occupied by dwellings are included hereunder.
    Houlton Town Ordinance 12-303 says, “Such owners, tenants or occupants whenever any ice shall have been formed upon the sidewalks bordering upon such store or shop, shall cause such ice to be removed, or to be covered or strewn with sand, ashes or other substance in such a manner as to allow safe travel on such sidewalk.”
    The short version of the Town ordinances are, “Please clean up snow and ice that accumulates in front of your store or business or be subject to the penalty in ordinance 12-305.”