Photograph brought back memories

14 years ago

To the editor:

The contributed photograph featured in today’s edition of the Aroostook Republican (“Turkey’s worth gobbling up” — Nov. 24th) brought back memories of when my daughter was in kindergarten. I always tried to make sure that she had a nice afternoon snack waiting for her when she arrived home. Usually I baked the standard cupcakes, or chocolate chip cookies – still warm from the oven.

I got the bright idea, a few days prior to Thanksgiving, to surprise her, when I created what I nicknamed “Apple Turkeys”, similar to those shown in today’s newspaper. The only difference is that instead of using gumdrops and marshmallows, I layered raisins — and cheese, that I had cut up into small cubes — onto toothpicks, to create the turkey legs, eyes and tail feathers. Those two “apple turkeys” stood on a plate at the center of the kitchen table, waiting for my daughter and I to “gobble” them up as she recounted her day in school, and I shared about my day of household chores and daytime drama.

The featured photograph brought back cherished, precious memories. Thank you.

Debbie Jean Jordan