Community Notebook

14 years ago

Island Falls News
Rebacca and Dennis Drew left on Nov. 26 to fly to Espanola, N.M. for a Thanksgiving visit with their son, Adam, and his family. While there they were joined by Sharman (Hoar) Ball and her husband, John for their Thanksgiving dinner and enjoyed their “Maine friends” visit. During their stay in New Mexico, the Drews did some touring and, of course, some shopping before flying home on Dec.1.
    Mrs. Marion Hoar was in Augusta at the home of her daughter and husband, Rebecca and Richard Marquis, and son, Chase. She spent the weekend there, returning home on Saturday afternoon with Rebecca, who returned home on Sunday. Finally all the snow has disappeared during this rainy spell and work on the new bridge is continuing. Rumor has it that it may be ready to travel on about Dec 8. Now have a couple of red squirrels, plus the big gray one, in my feeders. Poor little chickadees find it hard to get in there to get any seeds. Occasionally, I go out and shoo them away to give smaller feeders a chance.  Still swimming at Vacationland as is friend John, who arrives every day, rain or snow. I do not show up if the driving is iffy. Still no deer coming to the back lawn to graze. Been about a week now since I have seen any but keep a lookout for them, anyway.

Purple Hat Ladies
The Purple Hat ladies will meet for its Christmas party in Oakfield, Dec. 14 the Smoki Haulers Snowmobile Clubhouse at 11 a.m. Please bring an unwrapped gift for the Animal Shelter and a wrapped gift, if you wish to exchange a gift.

Ricker Rumblings
by Lois Downing
Hi everyone! I’m home from a Bangor Thanksgiving. Had a wonderful holiday dinner with 15 other relatives at my niece’s, Aimee Brooks in Glenburn. John, her husband, is due home from Afghanistan sometime before Christmas. Let’s hope that happens?
Philip Nason, Shirley Nason’s brother, had open heart surgery in Bangor recently. He will be home to our local hospital in a few days, if not already. We wish Philip and his family well during this trying time and grant them their wishes for Christmas and the New Year.
An overcast day here on Dec. 4 with two days of rain behind us. Someone said, “If we had snow, we would have been snowbound!” How true.
Congratulations to my nephew Joseph whose wife Jennifer gave birth last Sunday to a nine-pound boy and the next day his cousin was born in nearby state of New Hampshire, a girl named Leah. Two new babies in my family—how wonderful.
Paul Armstrong accidentally broke his toe on a piece of his exercise equipment. Now that is what they call a freak accident. Paul is doing good otherwise. Lots of Christmas decorations going up and about lately. It’s fun to see the Santa’s, wreaths, elves, lights, trees and whatever else. Our tree in the community is already up, thanks to Charlene and Mike. Come and see us.
Have you purchased extra items for your Christmas cookies and other goodies, bought and addressed Christmas cards, trimmed your aparment or the outdoors, acquired a tree, bought gifts, wrapped and delivered? What else? So much to do for the holiday season. One day at a time, one hour at a time for may of us.
Sylvia Thompson has returned from visiting with family and friends in Pennsylvania and North Carolina. We are glad she reurned home safe. Try not to overdo for this season, one thing at a time—to help you enjoy the season.
My thought for the day: “Wherever on earth a light shines into dark places, there will an angel be; shining hope into despair, love into hate, and tolerance into ignorance.”
Keep well, warm and safe.

by Lois Downing
Take Off Pounds Sensibly Chapter 0233 of Houlton met at the Aldergate building Friday, Dec. 3 for its weekly meeting. Joyce Estey leader was present and conducted the meeting.
Close to twenty members attended and weighed. Fourteen TOPS and seven KOPS (Keep Off Pounds Sensibly) recited the TOPS and KOPS pledges. Elinor Harvey had charge of registrations. Loser of the week was Dale Holden.
Lois Downing, winner of the last skinny dish, drew Joanne Scott’s number so she took home the winnings of the week. Weight recorder Joanne Scott, Secretary Lois Downing and Treasurer Janette Nelson gave reports.
This was the first meeting since Thanksgiving, each member gave a little story of how her Thanksgiving holiday was spent, starting with leader Joyce. It was interesting to hear about family, food, travel and comedy. Our contest person gave an update on Mt. Resolute and how to acquire to get to the top of the mountain. We have a few more weeks to accomplish our goals, so please don’t give up.
Barbara Troy led us in several minutes of exercises, both sitting and standing, badly needed. Joyce read a letter from representative Paulette Souliere, relating to forms and renewals.
Kay Grass read an article, “Can Giant Grocers Benefit Consumers?” taken from the Nutrition Action Health Letter. In the article, it details the giant Walmart stores encouraging its 100,000 suppliers around the world to improve its energy efficiency. In 2013, Walmart stores expect to double the amount of locally grown fruits and vegetables it sells (grown in the same state). This would mean transportation costs and reduce air pollution.
We dined at Grammy’s in Linneus for our Christmas dinner and party and then departed for the next meeting, Dec. 10. For more information about the chapter you may call Charlotte Marley at 757-7473 or Betty Ivey at 532-9653.
We meet at 9 a.m. after weigh-in at 8-8:45 a.m. Weigh-in closes at 8:45 a.m. every Friday. Everyone is welcome.