Where have all the Christmas trees gone?

13 years ago

To the editor:
As the tree lights were put on the trees in Houlton, I was again disappointed. Let me explain why.
I am not all that old, but in my younger days, I remember all the Christmas lights that were in Houlton. Let me try to refresh your memories.
    First of all, the lights were strung across the downtown area, which hasn’t been done for years, with the exception of the lights on Mechanic St. What a shame. How much would it cost to string a few Christmas lights anyway?
Now we come to the real reason for this letter. When we come into town by way of North St., there is a big tree standing on the left which is begging to have lights and a star on it.
I remember when there were at least five, possibly six full-sized Christmas trees in Houlton. One sat in the rotary on Bangor St., one where the big tree is that I am speaking of now, there were possibly two in the Square, one sat by the library and last, but not least, there was one on the east end of Pierce Park. There may have been more but I don’t remember any.
How much would it cost to purchase enough lights to light that tree anyway?
I am willing to donate $100 in memory of my wife, Jakki, who passed away in June. She loved going around at Christmas time to look at the lights.
If there is an underlying reason why this tree cannot be decorated in lights, I am sorry for taking up your time. If not, let’s get ‘er done.  How many more will make a donation in memory or honor of someone, so this can get done ASAP.
Merry Christmas. Thanks for listening to me.

Wayne H. Pierce