Are city leaders moving in the right direction?

14 years ago

Are city leaders

moving in the right direction?

To the editor:

The front-page headline in the Star Herald on Dec. 1, 2010, declaring, “McAvaddy alleges discrimination”, begs the question: Are the city manager and the city council are acting in the best interests of the citizens of Presque Isle? Is there no compassion for a dedicated employee in today’s world?

The city would be far better off supporting Mr. McAvaddy and his courage to continue to work rather than spending an unknown amount of legal expenses for a discrimination case it will surely lose if it ever goes to court.

You see, all one has to do is to turn to page 11 in the same edition and look at the city’s help-wanted ad for a city clerk. The city has changed its policy and no longer states that it is an equal opportunity employer. Looks like the stage is already set for a legal battle the city will lose.

Kenneth Foster

Presque Isle