Beware of the company that you keep

14 years ago

Beware of the company that you keep

To the editor:

Regarding the article in the Star-Herald from Mike Willette explaining his decision to switch to the Republican Party, I hope Mike remembers that it was, has been and still is, “Republicans”, who slander war veterans. Like Republican Jean Schmidt of Ohio, who accused Democratic Congressman Jack Murtha of Pennsylvania, of being a “coward” and “cutting and running” when Murtha called for all U.S. troops to be pulled out of Iraq. This was a man who served two tours of duty in Vietnam. Or Republican Saxby Chambliss of Georgia, who had the audacity to insinuate that Democratic Senator Max Cleland lost his limbs in an auto accident, when in fact, Max Cleland lost both legs and one arm in combat in Vietnam and Saxby Chambliss, who did not serve, knew it.

While not as bad as the “Phelps” people of the Westboro Church of Topeka, Kansas, who show up at funerals of soldiers killed in action in Iraq or Afghanistan and hold signs with obscene slogans, which cause the families of these dead soldiers untold grief, these Republicans who should know better and who slander war veterans, are bad enough. In fact, the behavior of Republicans such as Schmidt of Ohio and Chambliss of Georgia and other Republicans of their ilk, is disgusting and it gives the lie to the oft-quoted phrase: “We Support Our Troops”.

You might want to think about that, Mike, as these people are members of the Party you have now embraced.

William P. Urban

Sgt. U.S. Army

PO2 U.S. Navy

Vietnam (Quang Nam Province) 1970

Yom Kippur (Suez Canal) 1974

Presque Isle