Monthly food magazine celebrates America’s love of food

13 years ago

America’s largest-distributed food magazine, “Relish” will be carried monthly by the Pioneer Times, beginning next Wednesday.
“Relish” celebrates America’s love of food. Each issue brings features on cooking, dining, entertaining and more. Whether it’s a formal dinner or a Super Bowl party, good-for-you foods or a sweet indulgence, a hidden roadside restaurant or a family picnic, “Relish” is always lively, festive and fun.
“’Relish’ is a timely, informative and entertaining complement to our weekly newspaper,” said Mark Putnam, managing editor. “The addition of ‘Relish’ will help us accomplish our goal of making the reader’s experience with our newspaper more unique and valuable,” he added.
“We strive to position ‘Relish’ as a good friend in the kitchen,” said Jill Melton, editor of the monthly newspaper-distributed magazine. “Every issue serves as a resource for useful cooking tips, yummy recipes and nutritional information for the entire family,” she added.
The January edition will include a cover story entitled “New Year — New Kitchen, New Pantry.” Keeping in mind that readers are looking for a new start in the new year, “Relish” writers offer ideas on what to toss out and what to bring in to make your personal cooking space more fun, and efficient, to work in. In addition, writers offer some bold (and basic) ingredients to spice up your pantry shelves.
Each month, “Relish” will feature:
• This & That: Short descriptions or announcements of a new book, a new food, a good website or a cool kitchen gadget or tool, plus kitchen tips and nutrition nuggets.
• Tastes of America: Food festivals across the nation, in both small, off-the-beaten track locales and big cities, and a recipe from the featured festival.
• Good Health: From antioxidants to good fats to whole grains, this column focuses on food that tastes good and is good for you.
• Road Trips: American eateries and the food they serve, including a recipe from each restaurant featured.
• Good Food Fast: Simple, quick and accessible describes the recipes in this column designed to solve the weeknight dinner dilemma.
• Recipes: “Relish” readers supply the recipes featured in this column, which provides a forum for hometown cooks across the nation and sometimes even the parties and get-togethers they host.
• Seasons: Focuses on the season, from the bounty of summer’s farmers markets to fall pumpkins to outdoor grilling to cozying up with a bowl of soup.
• Wine: Full of practical advice and a good dose of humor, this column will offer useful information about wine and steer readers through the maze of choices available.
• Holidays: New and traditional foods for the holidays, from Valentines Day to Easter and Passover, from Halloween to Thanksgiving and Christmas.
• Who You Know: Celebrates the folks who are making a difference in the way Americans eat, from cooks and cookbook authors to chefs and nutrition advocates.
Occasionally, Relish will also include:
• New Dishes: Cooks of all ethnic backgrounds share their native cuisines — a full menu or a traditional dish and how to make it.
• Classic Dishes: The roots and history of local and regional classics, such as South Carolina’s burgoo, Alabama’s Hopping John, New England’s clam chowder and Texas chili.
• Home Cooking: Whether it’s baking or making soup, sauces, chicken stock or bread, this column brings readers back into the kitchen to make foods from scratch.
• Kids Cooking: Articles about sharing the joys of cooking with your children and teaching them about good nutrition, with a little math thrown in.
• America’s Harvest: Olives from California, cranberries from Wisconsin, lentils from Idaho, green Hatch chilies from New Mexico — the bounty of America’s farms is explored.
• Entertaining: Articles about parties and holiday festivities that readers can adapt to their own use.
• Delicious Desserts: Focuses on a spectacular sweet treat, how to make it, variations, and the story behind its creation.
Beginning Wednesday, Jan. 5, “Relish” will be a regular monthly insert in the Pioneer Times on the first Wednesday of every month.