Honoring Congresswoman Giffords and victims of tragic shooting in Arizona

13 years ago

By U.S. Rep. Mike Michaud
    It’s hard to make sense of the horrible shooting in Arizona. I, like many Americans, was shocked when I heard the news. Six people were killed. Fourteen were wounded, and my friend and colleague Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was among them. She was shot in the head and is still struggling to recover. Her director of community outreach Gabe Zimmerman was among those that were killed.
    Rep. Giffords is a hardworking and highly respected member of the House, and she’s a true advocate for her home state. In 2008, I had the privilege of joining her in Tucson for a discussion on the need to improve mental health care for service members returning from war. I know she cares passionately about this issue, as she does with so many others important to her constituents.
    As the news of the shooting was unfolding, I couldn’t help but think of my own staff and how hard they work day in and day out to help Mainers. Constituent outreach is a priority for me as it is with all members of Congress. And despite this tragic incident, I know that my colleagues and I will not be deterred and will continue to conduct outreach, make public appearances and live up to our responsibilities as representatives of the people.
    On Jan. 12th, the House of Representatives passed a resolution condemning the Arizona attack, offering condolences to those who lost a loved one, recognizing the first responders and health care professionals, expressing our hope for the quick recovery of the wounded and honoring the service of Congresswoman Giffords.
    My thoughts and prayers continue to be with those affected by this senseless act of violence in Arizona. May God bless Congresswoman Giffords, her family, her staff and all those in Arizona who have been affected by this tragedy.