Community Notebook

13 years ago

Happy Losers gather
On Jan.12th the Happy Losers held their weekly meeting at the Congreational Church vestry in Island Falls. Our leader, Jackie Pratt opened our meeting with our pledge and roll call. We had nine ladies weigh-in and seven attended our meeting.
    Jackie Pratt and Loretta Bouchard were losers of the week, and Joanie Sides and Shirley Sides were runners-up. Great job ladies! Our weight losses for the week were amazing. Our secretary and treasurer gave reports for the week. Our leader led the program for the week with discussions on how each of us lost weight. Meetings are interesting and informative.
Please feel welcome to our group every Wednessday, 8-8:45 a.m and meetings starts at 9 a.m. Call 365-4884 for more info. See you there!

Purple Hat Society
by Lois Downing
Purple Hat ladies met at Grammy’s Country Inn in Linneus on Tuesday, Jan. 11. Leader Charlotte Marley attended the door and greeted everyone. Eighteen ladies came and gave roll call identifying each one with her name and Purple Hat name.
Downing offered grace before the meal. Peggy Sanders helped with preparations. Brenda Lacostic was presented with the Purple Shoe.
The next meeting will be at the Taste of China in Houlton. April is dedicated to the Red Hat Ladies. Attending were Joanne Scott of Amity; Jackie Colella and Brenda Lacostic, both of Cary; Kay Grass of Littleton; Paula Wyman, Betty Wyman and Lois Downing, all from Houlton; Wannetta Townsend, Marie Gillotti and Sandy Wyman, from Dyer Brook;, Arlene Friel of Merrill; Joyce L. Roy, Evelyn Burpee, Evelyn Johnston and Sandra Holmes of Oakfield; Peggy Sanders and Charlotte Marley Smyrna; and Mildred Gagnon of Island Falls.
Everyone took home a Valentine to be returned in February, all decorated. If you would like information on Purple Hat you may call Charlotte Marley at 757-8483 or any of the ladies mentioned above. Come and enjoy.

Island Falls News
Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Webb have been recent overnight guests of their niece and husband, Darlene and Greg Kenny, in Bangor. Whle in Bangor, Charlene consulted with her Dr. before returning home the day before the big storm hit the Bangor area. Cheryl (Sewall) Connelly and husband, Peter arrived Friday, the 14th, to spend over night at Sam’s and they plan to return in a couple of months.
Have not been very lucky in spotting any deer that have been leaving their footprints in my dooryard lately. They are easy to spot when the snow is fresh but guess they are left during the night when I am not around. Am still enjoying the antics of the squabbles between the red squirrels and the big gray one. The little red ones really harass the gray one to get him away from the feeders and they fly all around the cedar tree, chasing each other off.
Poor little chickadees patiently wait their turn while all this drama is going on. Haven’t seen my cardinal in awhile but a friend was telling me that she has had two female cardinals lately plus a bird that she couldn’t identify. She also has a mother fox that produces a litter every year and enjoys watches the little one grow up. It’s fun to live in an area where the wildlife abounds.

TOPS #0233, Houlton
By Lois Downing
Take Off Pounds Sensibly Chapter 0233 of Houlton met at the Aldergate building on High Street for its Friday, Jan. 14 meeting.
Seventeen ladies were present; five of these were KOPS (Keep Off Pounds Sensibly).
Loser of the week was Diane Folsom with Barbara Troy as runner-up.
The skinny dish was held over.
Reports were given by Lois Downing and Joanne Scott.
Maggie Hagerman was welcomed as a new member. She is the daughter of our leader Joyce Estey.
Linda Bartlett announced she is giving dancing lessons at 9 a.m. every Wednesday at the Oakfield Community Center. Everyone is welcome.
We will be told how to get “off the mountain” next week.
We had several minutes of exercises, led by Barbara Troy.
Linda Bartlett had charge of the program. She said she is interested mostly in music, candles and likes to demonstrated how to make a scarf on an outfit attractive. She put a scarf on each person, each one different and very attractive.
The next meeting will be Jan. 21.
If you want more information on the chapter, you may call Charlotte Marley at 757-8483 or Betty Ivey at 532-9653.
Our weigh-in starts at 8:8:45 a.m. and our meeting begins at 9 a.m. and usually ends an hour later.
Everyone is welcome.