Red eyes in the classroom

13 years ago

Red eyes in the classroom

To the editor:

It’s come to our attention of kids getting high on illegal drugs before they go to school. This makes a big problem: You can’t teach children who are high anything because they are not “all there.” It also makes the other kids nervous — they don’t know what is going to happen, when their classmates are high on cocaine, speed, marijuana, or what the choice of drug is that day in the classroom.

We understand that this problem cannot be fixed by the school departments alone, because they have no authority before and after school. This is society problem. This falls back on the parents! The pills are often taken from their homes or from their grandparents when they are not looking! Let’s not forget the everyday drug dealer selling pills and other drugs to kids.

Society means parents, churches, and the everyday Joe is going to have to make up their mind. Do we continue down this same road or do we change our policies? Do we change the way we teach our kids? The police departments, the drug enforcement departments are doing the best they can, they need the public support in this matter.

Remember a young mind is a terrible thing to waste!

Gilbert Morin