Over a century of excellence celebrated at Plourde Furniture

13 years ago
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By Barbara Scott
Staff Writer

It was in Van Buren, the year 1906, that John Plourde opened a business that offered a little bit of everything. In May, 1960, Janet Plourde saw to it that the company opened a new store in Caribou, today 105 years later, Plourde Furniture Caribou is the largest, single-store-location Sealy mattress dealer in the state and the second largest Ashley dealer in the state — the largest in the County.

BHR-Plourde-dc1-AR-5Aroostook Republican photo/Barb Scott
Plourde Furniture as it is today.


Mike Plourde, the youngest of the eight Plourde siblings, is the owner now of Plourde Furniture in Caribou. “My mother was responsible for moving the business to Caribou,” said Plourde, “she made that decision mainly based on the idea that even in Van Buren, the store was seeing a lot of customers coming from Loring Air Force Base, so moving to Caribou seemed to be the logical place to be.”

During the early years the Caribou location carried a wide variety of not only furniture but window treatments and carpet as well.

Mike Plourde came onboard at the family business in January, 1973. “It was around that time that we  started expanding and stopped carrying the draperies and carpet so we could put the floor space to its best use, focusing on furniture.”

“When Loring closed in the 1990s, we thought it was going to be tough,” said Plourde, “ but actually we are doing more business now than before.”

Regarding Plourde Furniture being the top-ranking dealer of the Sealy mattress, for a single retail location, Plourde said, “We are kind of proud of that accomplishment. That Sealy truckload of products is here every week, and this helps keeps the cost of these items down.

“I think one of the biggest reasons behind the success of the store,” said Plourde,” besides the good quality of our product lines, is that we have our own in-store financing. We work with our customers, helping them to be able to purchase the furniture they want — in some cases we finance individuals who might not have been able to buy on credit at other locations.” 

BHR Plourdes c ar 03Contributed photo
The original Plourde and Company was in Van Buren, as shown in the photo to the right.

Plourde Furniture, located on Bennett Drive, is famous for its popular Indoor Outdoor Yard Sales held annually in August and February’s Basement Sale. “These events are always well received,” stated Plourde, “We also do a large volume of Lazy Boy recliners and we can offer sofas as low as $399 which are also a great item.”

Along with in-store financing, Plourde Furniture will deliver your new furniture and for a small fee, remove  the old pieces; as well as  provide home decor consultation.

Plourde Furniture continues to be a family-run business. Mike Plourde is at the helm with wife Nadine, as secretary; his nephew Doug Plourde is part-owner; and Jessica Plourde Carpine, (Mike and Nadine’s daughter) working in sales as well as following in her grandmother’s footsteps as an in-home decorating consultant.

Business hours are Monday through Thursday 8 a.m.- 5 p.m.; Friday, 8 a.m.- 6 p.m.; and Saturday from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.  Telephone 496-3521.