Thirty-eight years of shame

13 years ago

To the editor:
    What is more precious than life? Here on earth, what is supposedly more esteemed than human life? How then can we explain the sinister and nearly all-pervading “culture of death” growing and continuing in today’s society? Is it so surreptitious and gradual that we don’t even see it?
    Why is the collective “army of God” in America — whose Christian sector alone numbers some 70 million strong — so silent on the matter, and seemingly so impotent in the face of such sick and sickening trends? All across the land there have long been dedicated group voices crying out and working in defense of life, valiantly trying in every way possible to stop the killing. Unabashedly I dare say, these are they who must give God hope!
    But unitedly, where are “We the People?” Week after week, the faithful flock to houses of worship, and week after week little or nothing is done to effectively stop the various forms of “legal” slaughter. Why? How can this be in the “land of the free and home of the brave?”
    Saturday, Jan. 22nd marked 38 years since our woefully immoral highest court declared it “lawful” to brutally terminate human life in the womb. To date, well over 40 million American babies have been murdered. (Who of us can even visualize such a number?) And we continue to sing and pray “God bless America”??! Unless we wake up and change fast, God may never again have mercy on America!
    Add to this mass murder of unborn babies the horrible shame of America’s tax-supported (imperialistic) wars continually waged around the world, killing and maiming untold millions for no truly just cause. Finally, here at home, government decrees now determine at what point life (i.e. health support) can be withdrawn, and the seriously ill left to die.
    Heard enough yet? Wake up America. God is not mocked!
Steve Martin, host
The Aroostook Watchmen
WXME-AM 780, Monticello