Rep. Long serving on two committiees

13 years ago

    State Rep. Ricky Long is pulling an unusually heavy workload for a first-term legislator. He is serving on two high-profile policy panels – the Committee on Environment and Natural Resources and the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee.
    “Serving on two committees will make for a very busy session,” said Rep. Long (R-Sherman). “I’m honored to be on both of them. I’m looking forward to working with my colleagues in the Legislature and representing the people of Maine and my district on the issues that come before us.
    “Overall, the Legislature is expected to see more than 2,000 bills in this first year, so we know the action will be intense,” he said. “And of course the main job during this first session is to produce a state budget for the next two years. The governor has already provided his budget proposal, and the legislative committees will be reviewing those parts that apply to them.”
    Rep. Long, a logger and fireman, has served for 12 years as a selectman for the town of Sherman, six as chairman of the board. He also has been a volunteer fireman for 20 years, including 10 years as fire chief.
    The Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee is a multi-faceted panel. It exercises jurisdiction over the Maine Criminal Code; the Department of Public Safety; the Department of Corrections; and law enforcement. Its other oversight responsibilities include driving infractions, fire safety and arson; firearms; concealed firearms permits; and the Maine Emergency Management Agency.
    The Environment and Natural Resources Committee oversees the Department of Environmental Protection and numerous related issues, such as air and water quality; shoreland zoning and disposal of solid, hazardous and biomedical wastes. Additionally, it handles management of hydropower and dams, waste-to-energy facilities and general environmental policy. It also is involved with returnable containers, subdivisions and growth management.
    The Maine Legislature has 16 joint standing committees, each composed of 13 members – three senators and 10 members of the House. Every committee has jurisdiction over clearly defined parts of state government.
    Rep. Long’s House district includes: Bancroft, Crystal, Dyer Brook, Haynesville, Hersey, Island Falls, Linneus, Ludlow, Merrill, Mount Chase, New Limerick, Oakfield, Patten, Sherman, Smyrna, Stacyville, Weston and Plantations of Glenwood, Macwahoc, Moro and Reed, plus the unorganized territories of North Penobscot (part, including Herseytown Township) and South Aroostook (including Benedicta, Molunkus and Silver Ridge Townships.