Hogan Tire shootout winners listed

13 years ago

    This year, 37 youth participated in the events at The Hogan Tire Shootout during Moosestompers Weekend Feb. 18-20. The Hogan Tire Shootout was run by nine volunteers. Each year, the youth come out and try the competitive events if their schedule allows.
Radar Shoot   
        Under 7     7-8     9-10    11-12    15-17
1.    Tea Wilde    Colby Malone    Dana Rae Carmichael    Josh Malone    Lucas Grant
2.    Konnor Lynds    Gavin Vining    Noah Reynolds     Kinsman Corthelle    Alex Casillas
3.    Julian Banas     Alex Dunn    Alex Wilde    Brandon Dunn    Avery Kibler
Target Shoot
1.    Tea Wilde    Colby Malone    Zack Cowperthwaite    Kinsman Corthelle    Lucas Grant     
2.    Julian Banas       Gavin Vining      Ian Williams    John Thatcher     Avery Kibler
3.    Konnor Lynds    Kurtis Reynolds    Alex Wilde     Brandon Dunn    Alex Casillas
Puck Skills
1.     Tea Wilde     Logan Swallow     Zack Cowperthwaite     Abe Lorom    Avery  Kibler
2.    Julian Banas      Cadon  Campbell      Mattie Grant     Elizabeth Ward    Lucas Grant
3.    Konnor Lynds     Gavin Vining    Alex Wilde     Morgan  Grant     Alex Casillas
Skate Sprint
1.   Julian Banas    Colby Malone         Zack Cowperthwaite       Abe Lorom     Lucas Grant
2.     Tea  Wilde    Logan Swallow     Anessa Wilde    Elizabeth Ward    Alex Casillas
3.    Konnor Lynds    Gavin Vining     Jason Collette    Josh Malone      Avery Kibler
sp-moose-dc21-pt-8GETS A LITTLE HELP — Wesley Grant, left, shows a youngster where to send the puck during the skills part of the Hogan Tire Shootout held during Moosestompers Weekend.
    At the event this year, there were prizes awarded to each individual, as well as a grab bag for each child participating. Bill Higgins, co-owner of Hogan Tire, Inc, and Bridgestone Firestone, USA  has been the contributing factor to the success of this event each year. The prizes awarded this year ranged from hats, T-shirts, sweat shirts to hoodies and team jerseys, along with two grand prizes — autographed jerseys of Miller and Hossa.
     Walter Goodrich of Goodrich Jewelry has also been a very key player in this event. He has donated trophies, as well as placards for the shootout prizes for the last eight years.