Moosestompers ice fishing derby winners

13 years ago

    Winners of the seventh annual Moosestompers Ice Fishing Derby have been announced.
    The largest togue, 23 inches, was caught by Richard Sherwood, while the largest brown trout was reeled in by Keith Foster. The largest brook trout was caught by Chris Holmes, with the largest pickrel winners being Chris Stewart and Foster.
    Catching the largest togue for the youth division was Chandler James, while largest brook trout winner was Dakota Brown; largest pickrel winner was Logan Beaton and smallest fish was brought in by Shane Tarr.
Contributed photograph
SP MOOSE CX3 PT 11GOOD CATCH — Chris Holmes shows his 18-inch brook trout caught in Drews Lake.

    Winners of door prizes were: J.D. Nash, Lucas McAfee, Joel Graham, Frank McPartland, Marshall Burpee, Joe Drake, Ronald Austin, Bob McDaniel, Richard Sherwood, Elsworth Malone, Rick Tidd, John Flewelling, Mark Austin, Annette Donovan, Steve Perston, Richard Kneeland, Dennis Richardson, Steven Rouse and George Hurteau.
    Also, Debby Flewelling, Lou Provost, Rod Larson, Glenn Anthony, Bill Marriam, Glen Tarr, Carol Wallace, Samantha Tarr, Roger Rairdon, Matthew Crane, Greg Smith, Leigh Oliver, Cody Wotton, Bobby Ramsey, Logan Beaton, Josh Beaton, Lucas Ramsey and Chandler James.
Contributed photograph
SP MOOSE CX2 PT 11WINNER — Shane Tarr, front left, was the winner of $500 during the Moosestompers Ice Fishing Derby.  With Tarr were, front, organizer David Rairdon of Raidron’s Bait Shop and in back, Tarr’s father, Sterling.

    T-shirts were also give away. Winner of the ice auger was Tony Brown.
    Organizer David Rairdon thanks all the local merchants who donated prizes to the annual Moosestompers Ice Fishing Derby.