Pet Talk

13 years ago

by Cathy Davis
    This past week was so much fun and so rewarding. Raising money for the animal shelter involves spending time with awesome people doing something you really love. It doesn’t get any better than that.
    We hope you enjoyed your lunch if you ordered one, and we hope you received your lunch! Our apologies if we missed anybody, just give us a call and we’ll refund your money.  It’s always a possibility when you have so many deliveries to make in such a short amount of time that someone is overlooked. We try our best to be perfect every year but once in a while there is a glitch.
    I’m talking, of course, about the St. Patrick’s Day Box Lunch.  This project earns close to $4000 for the animal shelter and involves dozens of people who donate, bake, prepare, and deliver. At the risk of missing someone, I would like to thank the following:
    Chester and Molly Bailey and friends for boiling 44 dozen eggs, peeling them, and grinding them for the egg salad. If you told me I could pick any one of the chores involved with this project and do it myself, this would at the bottom of my list. Chet and Molly have done this for us several years in a row and we are forever grateful for their time and friendship.
    Scott & Lori Allen donated the chips, helped make sandwiches and helped with deliveries. Dave at County Yankee donated bread, Ellis IGA donated ham, Ken’s Store donated mayo, Patty Burpee took the day off work and helped all day making sandwiches. Diane Flewelling  helps every year, taking over the majority of the kitchen chores and keeping everyone entertained. Dorene Humphrey, Joan Logan, Brenda Wright, Linda Sewell, Chris Loucka, Cara Maples, Cindy Folsom, Gerald Jackins, Tim Humphrey, Nancy Welton, all pitched in.
    And to all of you who baked, thank you so much:  Elaine Crandall, Joan Logan, Cleo Jameson, Jan Chandler, Wendy Webb, Tana Maheu, Jerrianne Sherwood, Dot Khan, Josephine McGuire, Diane Flewelling, Linda Foster Drake, Bonnie Stone, Maxine Morris, Betty Mathers, Libby Moulton, Meghan Johnson, Chris Loucka, Cara Maples, Linda Severson, Cecily McKinnon, Eva Rice, Pam Nelson, Bev Moody, Allison Bossie, Doris Dickison, Pat Estabrook, Rachel Lincoln, Heidi Pratt, Melissa Grant, Lynn  Tweedie, Dale Holden, Pat Beraud, Ruth O’Hara , Meredith Folsom, Pat Quint, Wilma Welton and Nancy Gervais! Meredith Folsom put the tuna thru the grinder that makes it so much easier to make the salad spreadable!
    We changed up a few things as to organization, which made everything go even more smoothly. It was a fun morning making deliveries and a special thank you goes out to the Job for Maine Grad kids from Hodgdon High. They didn’t even have school on Thursday, didn’t have to get up and come help us, but a whole group of young ladies showed up and did all of our deliveries on Military Street, Bangor Street and out Court Street all the way to Hodgdon. That’s a lot of deliveries and we are so grateful for the help. What a sweet bunch of girls, really makes you feel good about the future when you see the kind of young people who will be taking over the world someday!  
    I hope I didn’t miss anybody, sometimes with so many helping it’s hard to keep track, and all of you are important to us! (Knowing me I missed the most obvious, I am using “senior moment” as an excuse more and more these days!)
    Coming up is our next fundraiser, please mark your calendar for April 9. We will be hosting a trash and treasure sale at the Congregational Church, so if you have started your spring cleaning and have a few boxes of treasures you would like to donate, please drop them off at the Varney Agency, (across from Tim Horton’s) or at the animal shelter, or call the shelter at 532-2862 and we’ll arrange to pick your items up. Please remember that we can’t use electronics at this time, sorry about that, but for insurance purposes, we are asked not to re-sell anything electrical, and we don’t have the room to take clothing, but anything else you might be able to donate would be gratefully accepted.
    Please do not drop your items off at the Congregational Church unless you wait until Friday night, April 8, and then you could bring your items straight to the Church between 6-8 p.m., while we are doing our setup.
    I know, I sound awfully fussy for someone asking for all your “good stuff,” but in order for a yard sale to be a successful fundraiser, we need to keep it well organized, and I’m sure if you like to yard sale, you  totally understand.
    Just think, this might be your first “yard sale” of the season! For those of you having withdrawal over the winter, don’t forget to circle the date on your calendar! We’ll see you there, and you may be in for a surprise, maybe a few baked goods, maybe we’ll even have some give-aways, you just never know unless you stop by.
    Thank you all! It has been an amazing week.