News from Island Falls

Riva Hawkes, Special to The County
13 years ago

Recent visitors of Riva Hawkes have been son, Tom, grandson Chris and wife, Amanda and great-grandson, Joshua, all from Glenburn.
While here, the men did a bit of outside work, replacing some of the divots dug up by plowing and also got the riding lawn mower in shape for the summer’s mowing of an acre and a half of lawn. Fortunately the weather was good that day and everyone enjoyed the sun, which we haven’t seen much of lately.
    I have had an e-mail from sister, Phyllis, and she is now back in New Hampshire after spending a week in the New Orleans area with daughter, Riva, and visiting granddaughter, Emily, who had moved to the South about a year ago.
I also had an e-mail from the DeLongs who will be leaving Brooksville, Fla. on June first and will visit with daughter, Carol, in Massachusetts, before arriving in Maine to spend a few weeks.
Despite the miserable cold wet weather, I still have lots of birds at my two new feeders, especially lots of gold finches and wrens. The little red squirrel has certainly been busy trying to get at the bird seed and you have to give him credit for being so persistent. I took pity on him one day and threw out some cracker crumbs on my front steps that he gobbled up in no time.
I got a glimpse of the fat woodchuck the other day scurrying to get away before I got out of the car. I think he stays under my front steps as that is where he scooted to. There are still no deer seen on my lawns — last year had a pile of them busily eating the green growth everywhere and I was glad I had a fence around my lone blueberry bush, as they dearly love to eat all the buds and they can eat it bare. I will still keep on looking for them, nevertheless.