Pet Rescue status report

13 years ago

To the editor:

Wow! What an awesome event you made for Halfway Home Pet Rescue kitties at the Caribou Arts & Crafts Festival. You baked lots of goodies, provided crafty items, volunteered time, and offered words of encouragement, suggestions, prayers, and monetary donations. You left us speechless (almost) with your wonderful support. You helped us raise $1053.84 for vet bills and $82 for our building fund. Much good can be accomplished when we all work together for the common cause. We heard you loud and clear fellow kitty lovers, and we closed this event with our batteries recharged and motors revving as we continue strategizing and planning events to increase our new building fund balance and further our mission. Thank you all! You’ve proven once again that you believe in our mission and support us faithfully. We are humbled with gratitude. Caribou and the surrounding communities need our services as badly as the cats and kittens that come into our care, and we are ever thankful for your generosity which allows us to continue during these trying times.

The Board of Directors would like to share with you our Pet Rescue Progress Report, and to dispel any myths that we are closing. It is official … we are not closed, nor are we closing. We continue our rescue operations along with the many wonderful services that your ongoing generosities allow us to offer. Our Emergency Outreach Program has been extremely well received, and we are happy to be able to offer an alternative to doing “nothing” when you encounter a feline in distress. Please know we will do everything in our power to see that each emergency is handled as quickly as possible. It is important to note that you must contact your city contracted shelter first before contacting Halfway Home Pet Rescue. We can be reached by calling 319-8340, or e-mailing We are also on the Internet at, and on Facebook.

Here are a few facts for you to ponder:

HHPR has paid over $30,000 in cat and dog spay/neuter services and vouchers, and emergency medical care since January 2009, by helping 612 cats and dogs (90 percent cats) in the area. Our spay/neuter program is for all cats/kittens, not just some of them, but for all of them to be fixed; and when funds are available, we help low-income dog owners with spay expenses. More than 80 percent of the 612 animals (close to 400 animals) have been animals within the city of Caribou town limits. We do not receive any city or state support. You are our support. We shudder to think what may have happened to these animals without our care and services, and we are saddened for those unfortunate felines who have not had a compassionate human intervention. Their battle ends with starvation, disease, injuries, abuse and death — the ultimate price. This is by far the hardest battle for us to lose,

Norma and her volunteers involved in the day-to-day care of foster cats and kittens, know each and every cat that comes into our rescue, their personalities, their likes and dislikes, and as they are nursed back to health and spayed or neutered, they are placed in the right homes with the right pet-loving families in excellent health, complete with a going home starter kit that helps give both cat(s) and families a chance to bond without the stress of having to purchase these items.

We have some difficult steps ahead, but with our positive can-do “c-attitude,” we know we can walk the walk for our felines, and that we will arrive at our permanent home. We have raised $6,282 for our future building thus far, but we need to keep the building fund growing, so we will be holding the following fundraisers:

Please make plans to attend our Benefit Dance on Saturday, Nov. 19th from 8-11 p.m. at the Crow’s Nest in Presque Isle. All proceeds for “Dancing for the Animals” will go to the future home of Halfway Home Pet Rescue. The admission charge is only $5 per person, and ID’s will be required. There will be door prizes, goodie basket raffles (Christmas, woman, cat, dog), and more. Come dance for the animals and have a great time. Steve Boddy of the KC & Company Disc Jockey Services has donated his time and music for this benefit, and the Crow’s Nest has donated the space. We hope to see you there!

We are also launching our second annual $1 for $1,000 donation competition, which will begin on Nov. 10th and will run through Jan. 10th, 2012. The dollar figure to beat this year is $3,000, which you raised last year for our kitties. So get your dollar bill(s) ready and your envelope(s) stamped.

Next we have our new Christmas Calendar Sale for February 2012. It’s exciting, fun and you are very apt to be a winner. This is a great stocking stuffer. There are 29 “leaping lizards” prizes to be won. The Halfway Home Pet Rescue February Calendar is only $5 and on sale now. There are free haircuts, oil changes, car washes, pizzas, all kinds of fun gifts and money-saving surprises each valued at more than the $5 you’ll spend on the calendar. And you can win more than once! Your name goes back into the basket. On the last day of January 2012, the 29 February prizes will be drawn and the winners will be notified. The February 29th prize is a $50 cash. Twenty-nine chances to win. The odds are in your favor with this lottery. Calendars can be purchased through Norma Milton at 316-8340 or 492-1722, or Barb Ganem at 492-0949, or drop into the Caribou Chamber of Commerce and Jenny will be happy to sell the calendar to you. The proceeds of the calendar fundraiser will be applied to the Halfway Home Pet Rescue future building.

In closing, we thank all of you who attended the Oct. 20th Caribou Planning Board workshop in support of HHPR. There is much work to be done as the ordinance revision process continues, and there will be public hearings on the subject announced in the near future during which time you, the public can be heard. So, if you want to request that the City Council give Norma consent to continue for a period of time until we find suitable location, this would be your perfect opportunity to do so.

Halfway Home Pet Rescue
Board of Directors