Easton Cub Scouts look to increase membership

13 years ago

Easton Cub Scouts look to increase membership


by Debbie Smith

The Easton Cub Scouts Pack 187 will be holding a roundup at the Easton Elementary School for boys Grade 1-5 on Monday, Nov. 7, at 6 p.m.

All boys interested and their parents should attend. Both boys and adults are needed for the pack in Easton to re-charter and be able to continue.


Halloween Harvest Party

Photos courtesy Easton Rec Department


HALLOWEEN HOUSE TOUR — Kim Finnemore graciously invited the Easton Recreation Department’s Senior Group to her home for a lunch and to see her many decorations. Taking part in the festivities were, from left: Marie Hewitt, Nina Trask, Ida Doak, Jackie O’Clair Arlene Ladner, Heidi O’Clair Thompson, Marge Niblett, Rogena Thomas, Ezalee Smith and Kim Finnemore.


Moochie the Clown is pictured here with Emma Jordan and Allie White.


Caitlyn McPherson is all dressed up as a princess at the Harvest Party.


(Right Picture) SWEET BEE — This sweet little bumblebee, Hayden White,  is one of the youngest in attendance at the Harvest Party.

(Left Picture) Grant Hull is already for his very first Halloween Party.


Celebrating City Studios

Easton Wesleyan Church will be starting a mid-week program called Celebration City Studios. The program starts Wednesday, Nov. 9, from 6-7:30 p.m. Kids from pre-K to Grade 6 are invited. They will sing some active songs, play fun games and act out Bible stories on the new studio stage. If you have any questions, call Pastor Vaughn Martin at 227-3589.



On Nov. 2, Chelsae Hopkins, Julie King, Kyle Flewelling and Rick Haines all have a birthday. On Nov. 3, Ed Rattray, Paige Nichols, Colby Beals, Martin Hewitt and Amber-Manning-Harris will all turn another year older. Erik Lamoreau, Chase Bickford, Holly Nadeau, Bud Budreau, Carl Mullen Jr. and Suzie Flewelling all have a birthday on Nov. 4. Happy 80th birthday to my wonderful Dad, I love you. On Nov. 5, Hailey Hammond, Ashley Nichols, Daren Green and Larry Nichols all have birthdays. Also on Nov. 5, Alta and Ed Rattray and Chris and Kim Woodworth have anniversaries. On Nov. 6, Sarah Bradley will turn another year older. Nov. 7 is a celebration day for Logan Wakefield and Triston Coffin. Also on Nov. 7, Larry and Tracy Hathaway have an anniversary. On Nov. 8, Alma Mux and Bill Page have a birthday.

Blessings to you all on your special day.


Photos courtesy of Debbie Smith

Frank Keenan, former superintendent of the Easton School Department, is speaking to the Easton girls’ and boys’ soccer teams, giving them words of advice before the playoff games at the pep rally.Photo courtesy of Debbie Smith

lo-eastnews-cx8-sh-44 lo-eastnews-cx7-sh-44

(Left Picture) Peggy Arnett is showing her team spirit by wearing her blue and white hair to the playoff game. She is holding Madisan West.

(Right Picture) Cody Tompkins is sporting a blue headpiece at the girls’ playoff game.

Kiwanis news

The Easton Kiwanis Club met for their second meeting of the month on Tuesday, Oct. 18, with 11 members and four guests present to enjoy a supper of baked stuffed chicken breasts, baked potato and corn, with brownies for dessert.

Former President Mike Allen opened the meeting, with the salute to the flag by Clair Carter and the prayer by Bernard Hussey. President Barbara Blackstone was unable to come to the meeting.

After the opening, Mike asked for Sad and Happy Dollars. He explained about the Student of the Month award for the Jr./Sr. High School which would cover nine months. The award would be a gift certificate to the Country Farms Market of $15, with the owner of the store giving $5. This was motioned by Jeremy Corey and seconded by Irene Dafonte.

The president’s theme this year is “Make us more visible in the Community.” Presque Isle President LaNiece Winslow reported on some of their projects this year which would be more on the service level and especially with the homeless shelter. She also suggested that a project that the Easton group might do is adopt a highway for cleanup.

The Easton Kiwanis will not be putting out a calendar this year. One suggestion made for the group to do might be to help seniors with winterizing their homes.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, Nov. 8, with only one meal a month now because of the cost. Those members attending were: Mike and Loris Allen, Eldora and Clair Carter, Bernard Hussey, Mike Cyr, Irene Dafonte, Herbert Demerchant, Jeremy Corey, and a new member, Andrew King. Those present from the Presque Isle Club were: President LaNiece Winslow, Jim Nesbitt, Karen Gonya and Caroline Kimball.


School to honor vets

On Thursday, Nov. 10, the staff and students of Easton School Department will be honoring local veterans at the annual Veterans’ Celebration Day. Veterans are invited to be the guests for the Thanksgiving Dinner at 12:30 p.m., with an assembly to follow. As part of the ceremony, organizers would like to recognize veterans in a PowerPoint presentation. If you have not sent a picture for a previous celebration, please bring or send a picture to Easton Elementary School office to include in this presentation. Also, to help the cooks prepare, its asked that all those planning to attend contact the Easton Elementary office for reservations at 488-7701. On behalf of the Planning Committee and the entire Easton School Department, we look forward to honoring our local veterans on Nov. 10.


At Hunter Brother’s Farm.

Photos courtesy Easton Rec Dept.

“The Three Little Pigs,” otherwise known as Easton Rec Department youth Carter Mazerolle, Riley Mazerolle and Connor Burtt, got into costume for the pig races held in Hunter Brother’s Farm’s Field of Fun.


Getting ready to take on the corn maze at Hunter Brother’s Farm in Florenceville are these experienced corn maze ladies. Pictured from left are: Elise Allen, Breann Clayton, Rebecca Allen, Alexandra Allen, Blake Bradley, Haley Ambrose, Kylee Carter, Kerrigan Arnett and Sara Gilman.


Enjoying the bouncing pillow at Hunter Brother’s Farm are Easton residents, from left: Kylee Carter, Hannah Ferris, Alexandra Allen, Elise Allen, Breann Clayton, Nick Clark and, hidden from view, Collin Sotomayor and an unidentified youth.


Gathered here are the big boys’ group getting ready to do the corn maze at Hunter Brother’s Farm. Participants pictured in front from left included: Carter Mazerolle, Nick Clark, Connor Burtt and Riley Mazerolle. Second row: Carson Flewelling and Drew Sotomayor. In back: Recreation Director Hillary Hallett and Collin Sotomayor. The group knew very little about Thomas the Tank Engine and thus had difficulty as they tried to find their way through the puzzling passages.


This group was so excited for the corn maze of Thomas the Tank Engine they could hardly stand still for the photo. Pictured from left are: Alexis Pelkey, Kassidy Brewer, Grace Ellis, Rylee Leavitt, Kyle Flewelling and Keegan Dumond. In back is Nichole Leavitt.


Easton Seniors

The Easton Senior Happy Days Club traveled by school bus to Linneus on Thursday, Oct. 13, to visit Grammy’s Country Inn and see the beautiful fall leaves, although some of the trees had lost their colors due to high winds and heavy rains. Everyone enjoyed their meal and certainly had plenty to eat.

lo-eastnews-cx1-sh-44Photo courtesy of Debbie Smith
SENIORS DINE OUT — Pictured here is Ezalee Smith, Rogena Thomas and Ed Rattray at Grammy’s Country Inn Restaurant waiting for their meal.

Eighteen people were able to make the trip, including: Ed and Alta Rattray, Marie Hewitt, Helen King, Marge Nibblett, Rogena Thomas, Geraldine Flewelling, Gerald and Vera Shaw, Jean Ann Ames, Elizabeth Martin, Ezalee Smith, Ida Doak, John and Nina Trask, Hillary Howlett, Dellas and Carol Adams. The bus was driven by Dellas Adams. Thanks to the town of Easton for making the trip possible.

The Club’s next meeting was scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 27, with guest speaker Glenna Smith, author of the “Old Maine Woman,” stories from the Coast to the County, and the glories of growing old.

Debbie Smith is the correspondent for Easton. She can be reached by e-mail at debbie-smith04_69@hotmail.com or call 488-5530.