Thoughts on a Master

13 years ago

To the editor:

There have been three pianists I have watched and been fascinated with in my lifetime.

First, my mum, who with pinkies curled in made our church piano sing. Never having a lesson in her lifetime, and hating to play anything with more than one sharp (flats were fine), I would watch the keys of the Yamaha baby grand rise and fall (I always sat in the second pew near the piano, and the rise and fall of the keys were my only view.) I loved the way they danced, especially in a Baptist church.

Secondly, I watched my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Leila Robertson. As we had Circle Time each morning, she would tinkle the high notes for a sunny, happy day. Or, for a gloomy day, she would make the low notes tremble like the thunder. I lived for Circle Time to wait to hear what the piano would tell me that day.

Thirdly, I had the experience of being in the presence of a piano master this evening. I carefully positioned myself in the audience so that I would be able to watch the rise and fall of the keys. I heard the happy trills and the thundering rolls once again and Liszt and Chopin flew out of the instrument and came to life. I can liken the experience to knowing I am going to have a seven-course meal. I taste the first course and I discover it is the most delicious taste I’ve ever had in my life … until I’m served the second course, and it is more delicious. The next five courses follow, each topping the previous, until I am so deliriously full I can only jump to my feet in wild applause. This was my evening, listening to Adam Gyrogy.

Thank you Rich and Kim Ezzy and all those who helped bring this incredible night to Caribou. What an incredible meal. What a privilege to again be five and fascinated with an instrument, wishing I could play.

Kimberly Kiehn