Council makes good television

13 years ago

Council makes good television

To the editor:

    After watching the Presque Isle City Council Meeting of Dec. 5th I want to express how proud I am of our young men who spoke so diligently about our city concerning the plans that the City Manager and Council have drawn with “lines on a sheet of paper.”

    Thanks to Tony Sullivan and Craig Green for their mannerism in speaking to the council and citizens. Great job young “men of action.” I was reminded by one of our current City Councilmen of the movie I once watched titled “Grumpy Old Men.” Also, Mr. Engels please don’t point your finger at some of our present/future young leaders before you even get to sit on the Council.

    Oh, and one more observation. Don’t ever sell Patty Leblanc short. Good Job Patty.

Loomis Craig

Presque Isle