Dawn F. Barnes Elementary of Caswell

12 years ago

The first quarter honor roll has been announced for the Dawn F. Barnes Elementary School for 2011-12. Students making the grade were:

GRADE 2 — A’s: Danika Labreck, Riley Pelletier and Jordan Thompson. A’s and B’s: Nikolas Hatfield and Isaiah Theriault.

GRADE 3 — A’s: Morgan Fuller.

GRADE 4 — A’s: Trinity St. Pierre. A’s and B’s: Nathaniel Labreck and Kayla Martin.

GRADE 6 — A’s and B’s: Joshua Dufour.

GRADE 7 — A’s and B’s: Jackie Peers and Delaney Rossignol.

GRADE 8 — A’s and B’s: Kelly Clavet and Michael Stewart.